Razer Project Ariana, world’s first video gaming projection system

Razer Project Ariana, world’s first video gaming projection system

Today, Razer unveiled “Project Ariana”, world’s first video gaming projection system with a high-definition video projector. It adapts the projection of in-game elements to the dimensions and features of the physical environment.

Razer is also bringing Chroma lighting to the entire room with Project Ariana. Chroma is the company’s multi-colored lighting feature for Razer’s products, like mice, headphones, laptops, keyboards, and more. With the help of Chroma, the user to configure the color scheme with up to 16.8 million colors, in a variety of zones, or even per-key lighting schemes, all controlled through the Razer Synapse software.

A glimpse into the future of Razer Chroma is given by Project Ariana, taking the concept of RGB lighting into room projection and bringing a whole new dimension to immersive gaming through Razer Chroma, which communicates with games in real time to create both lighting and video effects. This results in solutions for gamers that range from peripherals to smart lighting and video projection, all working as one to provide a totally immersive gaming experience.

The technology also uses a pair of 3D depth sensing cameras along with proprietary calibration software automatically calibrates itself to detect environmental factors such as furniture and room lighting.