Rogue Legacy 2 Update 1.0.3 Patch Notes – June 30, 2022


A new Rogue Legacy 2 update 1.0.3 released on PC. According to the official Rogue Legacy 2 patch notes, the latest update 1.0.3 addresses some bugs and crashes.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Rogue Legacy 2 patch 1.0.3 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


Rogue Legacy 2 Patch 1.0.3 Notes – June 30, 2022


  • Irad’s Puzzle (QoL): This caused too many false bug reports, so we removed the “misleading” memories and journal entry in the false room to reduce confusion.


Bard (QoL)

  • Community: Properly labelled Bard as Average Health instead of Low Health.

Ronin (QoL)

  • Striking a Bouncy Spike with Immortal Kotetsu no longer causes the player to ricochet.


We’re adding a little bit more leeway to give players more time to read the room.

  • Increased anti-aggro window for all enemies (the time it takes for an enemy to start attacking once you enter a room).
  • “Summoned enemies” anti-aggro window increased.


Changes have been made to Tubal’s minions to make the battle less reliant on DoT (Damage over Time) abilities, and to encourage players to prioritize taking these enemies out. Many players let the minions sit around during the battle, thinking it’s a wasted effort since they’ll just respawn back, however there are a lot of behind-the-scenes checks to ensure these enemies don’t respawn too frequently.

  • Community: Tubal minion’s “hits to kill” count reduced from 5 to 1.
  • Community: Tubal minion’s “Invulnerability Spawn Shield” increased from 7 to 11 seconds.

Traitor Boss

  • Traitor’s Axe, Teleslice, and Scythe attack now have warning indicators when performed offscreen.


Flame Bellow

  • Community: Flame Bellow can no longer be attack-canceled to prevent rapid attack exploit. Spin Kick cancelling still works though.


Diogenese Bargain (Buff/QoL)

  • Community: Diogenese’s max XP bonus cap was including all XP bonuses gained, including the ones from the XP gain in the Skill Tree (Trophy Room), lowering the amount of XP you could get from this Relic more than intended. This has now been fixed.

Icarus’ Bargain (QoL)

  • Added a new effect while you fly! This effect will trigger for all forms of flight such as Icarus’ Bargain and House Rules.


Bookish and Combative Traits (QoL)

  • Community: Icon updated as Magic and Weapon damage are no longer reduced.

Diva (QoL)

  • Community: NPCs and Boss doors are now highlighted by the Diva Trait.
  • The ending is no longer affected by the Diva Trait.


Sawblade Hazards (Nerf/QoL)

  • (NEW) Sawblades now have a warning indicator for when they’re going to come back up.
  • Sawblades now stay retracted for a slightly longer time.
  • Pearl Key platform sequence in the Cave modified to make it slightly easier.


  • Using SuperFluid while Dual Button Dash is enabled and Mouse aim movement is disabled now dashes the player in the direction of the shoulder button pressed.
  • At the end of the game, if you enter the Manor via the Pizza Girl’s shortcut then return to the Title Screen, the game will now load immediately back into the Manor instead of Citadel Agartha to fix an exploit where players could avoid Charon’s toll indefinitely.


  • Fixed CD hit reduction triggering twice per explosion of Astromancer’s Blackhole. CD should only be reduced on the initial “pop”.
  • Fixed Barbarian’s Shout being-auto cancelled if the player was aiming a weapon (like the Cannon).
  • Fixed a number of SFX issues.
  • Fixed bug where IIB Muscle Fiber Trait was not triggering its visual effects (but you were still jumping high) if you performed a coyote jump.
  • Fixed bug where FreeLook distance would change depending on whether your character was large or small.
  • Fixed bug where killing an enemy while also hitting a bouncy spike with the Immortal Kotetsu would not reset its cooldown.
  • Fixed bug where there were still some scenarios where the game would indicate the player gained health with Hero Complex even though they weren’t.
  • Fixed bug where Pizza Drops were giving too much HP back in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed bug where an NPC’s speech bubble would display the wrong image in certain scenarios.
  • Beating the game with the Diva Trait active no longer boos the player during the end screen.
  • Clamping gold given to Charon to fix issue where players could give too much and reach the max value and cycle into the negatives.
  • Fixed bug where Zealot’s Ring was not applying to the Mage’s secondary spell.
  • Fixed bug where the incorrect Relic icon was being displayed when the Traitor boss was casting it.
  • Fixed bug where the Traitor boss would remove the ManaBurn status effect prematurely if they had the Coeus Shell.
  • Marble Masterpiece no longer triggers if the Traitor is dashing while very close to the ground.
  • Fixed bug where Knockout Talent visuals were not scaling with the size of the player.
  • Fixed bug where the Charged status effect duration was not being affected by Amplification Runes.
  • Rewrote how damage is applied to Burn and Poison status effects to fix various bugs where damage mods from Relics and Traits were not applying to them correctly.
  • Fixed bug where whenever Unity went up or down when changing gear, the game would display the Trinket’s name instead of the material when swapping Trinkets.
  • Fixed bug where the Spoon would sometimes bounce incorrectly when the player was small.
  • Attempted to fix bug where if you casted Freeze Strike on the Traitor the moment they entered modeshift, the Freeze status effect would also apply and the game would softlock.
  • Fixed bug where falling on a breakable black root with the Clumsy Trait would sometimes cause the player to take damage if the frame rate was low.
  • Fixed bug where Ore would not fly out of silver chests if you had Dyspraxia.
  • Fixed bug where Traits that applied masks like Diva or Puritan would have their effects visible before the Skeleton Boss appeared onscreen.
  • Prime version of Skeleton Boss now spawns higher to fix issue where he would appear in a spot that was still visible to the player.
  • Fixed bug where Eyeball enemies would sometimes appear in rooms with Knuts, even if the Knut was destroyed.
  • Fixed bug where Knuts would sometimes turn into Eyeball enemies when exiting and re-entering a room.
  • Fixed bug where Eyeballs would sometimes be visible in an untriggered combat Fairy Room if the room was going to spawn a Knut.
  • Fixed bug where an old version of the bed bunk prefab was spawning in Axis Mundi, resulting in them sometimes floating in the sky.
  • Fixed bug where the darkness aura in the Caves would sometimes remain active if you exited to menu or died while in the Caves.
  • Fixed bug where status effects like Burn from Amaterasu’s Sun would not apply to the Gunslinger’s shot if it were the last one in the pistol chamber.
  • Fixed issue where player could move or attack for a single frame during the final boss intro.
  • Fixed regression bug where you could not break out of Astromancer’s Comet while jumping with Icarus Wings and would instead regain gravity.
  • Steam, Epic, and Xbox Live now use the store’s list of unlocked achievements to determine when to give the “Rogue’s Legacy” achievement, instead of relying on the game’s internal tracker (which only tracks achievements per-profile).
  • Added the Jukebox achievement safety check to the Xbox version of the game.
  • Fixed bug where Flying Shield enemies could not be damaged by Soul Tether/Spore Burst while performing their bouncing attack.
  • Fixed bug where Flying Shield enemies could be damaged by Ivy Platform while performing their bouncing attack.
  • Fixed bug where Aether/Ore/Souls were not visible on the HUD in the above-ground area after choosing a new heir.
  • Fixed bug where you could dash back into the Skill Tree in the above-ground area before the dialogue prompt about going to the next thread appeared.
  • Fixed bug where gaining enough Mana to cast a Spell while the Spell is on cooldown from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome would result in the Spell icon in the HUD becoming un-darkened and flashing, even though it cannot be used yet.
  • Fixed bug where Zombies that spawned in Fairy Rooms and Arenas would have a limb sticking out of the ground before they were supposed to be visible.
  • Fixed bug where a certain 1×1 room with four local teleporters had inconsistent spike collision hitboxes on one side.
  • Fixed bug where a certain hidden Fairy Room had a large section of terrain in the middle whose top and bottom looked like edges.
  • Fixed bug where a fireplace would sometimes spawn underneath terrain in a certain room, causing a weird glow to appear in front of the wall.
  • Fixed bug where the left side of the leftmost piece of terrain in the Niburu Deep room had a visible edge if there was an opening on the left side.
  • Fixed bug where the Gear Card descriptions for purified Curse Relics did not display correct reward values if you had more than 1 stack of the Relic.
  • Fixed bug where getting sent to the Drift House while in a local teleporter in the Two Lover’s scar caused the teleporter hum SFX to continue infinitely.
  • Fixed bug where damage popups from status effect ticks would sometimes not display relevant Relic icons. For example, when hitting an enemy with a Weapon that applies Burn, and then using the Zealots Ring to cast a Spell that also applies Burn, the Zealots Ring Relic icon would not appear in the damage popups from burn ticks.
  • Fixed bug where the Max HP and Resolve values in the HUD would revert back to their base values the instant you died.
  • Fixed bug where the map would not draw the outlines for teleporter rooms you purchased via Pizza Girl if you had the Spelunker trait.
  • Fixed bug where if you had the Alchemy Lab Skill, picking up a Mana potion as a Mage with two Spells would still cause the “Ability Ready!” text to appear.
  • Fixed bug where completing the Mending Erebus Scar after getting bronze trophies in all other scars would not give you the Erebus Purified achievement.
  • Fixed bug where if the Crow’s Nest Talent was active, you could not Skill Crit with the Bow or Ballista.
  • Fixed bug where you could freeze enemies being KO Punched, causing them to float into the corners of the world (also fixes bug where enemies could be attacked after being KO punched).
  • Fixed bugged hitboxes on the second Makeshift Explosives explosion projectile.
  • Fixed bug where certain lights would not render correctly on Xbox One.
Renu Dhaka