Razer’s stolen laptop now on sale at Chinese shopping site

At CES, Razer made a splash with its Project Valerie gaming laptop prototype. Razer Project Valerie gaming laptop includes three 4K displays, with two that can slide out when you need them or be packed away when you don’t.

However, after the end of CES, Razer’s CEO reported that two prototype devices were stolen on the last day of the show. Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan posted, “Two of our prototypes were stolen from our booth at CES today. We have filed the necessary reports and are currently working with the show management as well as law enforcement to address this issue.

Meanwhile, the stolen prototypes are now already up for sale. Recently, Razer Project Valerie gaming laptop listed at Chinese retail and auction site Taobao. Currently, the laptop is set at 150,000 RMB ($22,000).

Razer is also offering up to a $25,000 reward for information on the lost gadgets.


Razer Project Ariana, world’s first video gaming projection system

Today, Razer unveiled “Project Ariana”, world’s first video gaming projection system with a high-definition video projector. It adapts the projection of in-game elements to the dimensions and features of the physical environment.

Razer is also bringing Chroma lighting to the entire room with Project Ariana. Chroma is the company’s multi-colored lighting feature for Razer’s products, like mice, headphones, laptops, keyboards, and more. With the help of Chroma, the user to configure the color scheme with up to 16.8 million colors, in a variety of zones, or even per-key lighting schemes, all controlled through the Razer Synapse software.

A glimpse into the future of Razer Chroma is given by Project Ariana, taking the concept of RGB lighting into room projection and bringing a whole new dimension to immersive gaming through Razer Chroma, which communicates with games in real time to create both lighting and video effects. This results in solutions for gamers that range from peripherals to smart lighting and video projection, all working as one to provide a totally immersive gaming experience.

The technology also uses a pair of 3D depth sensing cameras along with proprietary calibration software automatically calibrates itself to detect environmental factors such as furniture and room lighting.


Razer unveils Project Valerie concept gaming laptop with three 4K displays

Razer unveils Project Valerie, a concept gaming laptop with three 4K displays. The concept gaming laptop includes 17.3-inch 4K IGZO displays equipped with NVIDIA G-SYNC and expansive 180 degrees NVIDIA Surround View gaming.

Each display mechanically slides out of the side of the main screen and adjusts into place, making it easy for users to deploy. With integrated multi-monitor support, you no longer have to deal with external monitors for immersive gaming.

The Project Valerie laptop is as powerful as new 17-inch Razer Blade Pro. A unibody CNC aluminum chassis measures just 1.5-inches thick and weigh less than 12 pounds. Project Valerie comes with the same thermal management system for which Razer’s line of laptops is known. A custom-designed fan and dynamic heat exchangers pair with a vapor chamber to maximize heat dissipation.

The laptop also includes Razer’s Ultra-Low-Profile Mechanical switches. Key presses are registered with 65 grams of force, mimicking the feel of full-size mechanical keyboards. The keyboard, trackpad, extended monitors are also Powered by Razer Chroma for lighting effects.


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Razer Blade Pro, Blade Stealth Ultrabook announced

Razer Blade, Razer Blade Pro and Blade Stealth announced. Razer Blade gaming laptops are one of the best in the market and slimmest also.

Razer Blade Stealth

The Blade Stealth now includes latest Intel’s 7th generation Core-i7-7500U, Intel HD Graphics 620, QHD (2560 x 1440) or 4K (3840 x 2160) display options. On the storage side QHD laptop give options of 128/256/512 SSD storage and 4K model offers 512GB/1TB SSD storage. The battery is now updated to 53.6Wh. Prices for the Blade Stealth start at $999.

Razer Blade


The Blade is now available with 6th generation Intel Core-i7-6700HQ and NVIDIA 1060 GPU. The laptop comes with two display options, a 14-inch 1080p matte display and a 14-inch 3200 x 1800 QHD+ display with 128GB/512GB/1TB storage options with 16GB RAM across the board. The laptop is powered by 70Wh battery. Razer Blade will start from $1799.

Razer Blade Pro details:

The new Razer Blade Pro laptop is more powerful than ever. Razer Blade Pro now feature a mechanical keyboard with “ultra-low-profile mechanical switches.”


The Blade Pro features new the Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor, a 17.3-inch 4K screen with Nvidia G-Sync support, desktop variant of Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics card, 32GB of 2,113MHz DDR4 RAM, and PCIe M.2 SSD storage ranging from 512GB to 2TB. For connectivity, you get an HDMI output, three USB 3.0 ports, a USB Type-C port an SD card reader.

The Razer Blade Pro weighs only 3.54kg and 22.5mm thick. You can get your hand on the laptop starting from November at $3,699, €4,199, or £3,499. Razer Blade and Blade Stealth laptops will be available in Europe, Germany, France, and the UK.