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The Planet Crafter Update 0.1.102 Patch Notes – May 27, 2024

A new The Planet Crafter update 0.1.102 patch notes are released for players. Since the last major update, players have been experiencing multiple issues and bugs Hopefully, today’s The Planet Crafter update 0.1.102 will address some of these issues and bugs.

Read what is new and fixed in today’s The Planet Crafter patch. Read the official patch notes below.

The Planet Crafter 0.1.102 Patch Notes – May 27, 2024

New Items

  • Explosives allowing to access new hidden areas
  • More than 15 skins to find in the world
  • New genetic trait for a new creature
  • New “Ecosystem” machine, that will generate larvae
  • Animal food allowing to increase generation of animals
  • One new tree seed
  • T4 Exoskelleton
  • Space suit displayer


  • New Red Falls biome
  • Improved procedural wreck generation by adding new tiles to avoid the “maze” feeling
  • One new secret place to discover [spoiler] Ikhlas final base, look under a waterfall [/spoiler]
  • Added 4 new procedural wrecks directly in the main map
  • Some trees will now spawn naturally in the world depending on the seeds planted by the player
  • Improved the world collisions to avoid texture clipping
  • Added a beacon to return portals when in a long range wreck

Quality of life and balancing

  • Foundation can now be built trough rocks
  • Added snapping for sofas, desktops and outdoor farms
  • Map UI can now be moved with keyboard keys
  • Increased number of larvae chances to spawn
  • Drone station and T2 beehive unlock a bit sooner
  • Added the ability to build on roof glass
  • Animal multiplier from spawners when not fed is halved instead of null
  • DNA Extractor now showing traits details
  • DNA Extractor now generating traits on group selection if in creative mode
  • Trade platform can be placed freely (not only on terrain)
  • [spoiler]Small changes to ending texts to make it more cheerfull[/spoiler]
  • [spoiler]Riley ending now require only 250000 tokens[/spoiler]
  • [spoiler]Increased wardens final key altars visibility trigger[/spoiler]
  • Various minor changes


  • Fixed a memory leak causing crashes after a long playtime
  • Improved textures performances
  • Engine and netcode versions upgraded

Download The Planet Crafter update 0.1.102 on PC.

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