Game Patch Notes

War Thunder Update Patch Notes – June 15, 2022


War Thunder update is now available to download on PC. According to the official War Thunder patch notes, the latest update addresses some bugs and crashes.

Previously, a major update added new changes, fixes, and gameplay improvements.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the release. Today’s War Thunder version will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


War Thunder Patch Notes – June 15, 2022


  • USA: F-14A Early, TBF-1C (updated model)
  • Germany: Lim-5P, Ju 87 R2 Libya (premium)
  • USSR: Su-17M4, I-15bis (updated model)
  • Great Britain: Jaguar GR.1A (detailed cockpit has been added). Jaguar GR.1B (Detailed cockpit has been added. Cockpit is available on aircraft when using the weaponry preset with TIALD). Avenger Mk.II (updated model), Lightning F.53 (pack)
  • China: I-15bis (China) (updated model), F-5E
  • Italy: Ariete (premium), He 112 B-1/U2 (premium)
  • France: Milan (pack), Mirage F1CT, Jaguar A (detailed cockpit has been added)

Ground vehicles

  • USA: M1A1 AIM (ADF) (Squadron)
  • Germany: Leopard 2 PzBtl123 (Pack)
  • Great Britain: Challenger DS (pack), G6
  • Japan: M36B2
  • China: ZTZ99A
  • Italy: Lancia 3Ro (100/17), VBC (PT2), L6/40 31 Rgt. (premium)
  • Sweden: Pvkv III
  • Israel: Merkava Mk.3B, Tiran 4. The Magach 3 and Centurion Sho’t Kal Dalet — Have been added to the ground forces research tree for Israel, and are available for purchase with GE.

The Israeli ground vehicles research tree is now available to all players.


  • China: Z-19E (pack)
  • Israel: AH-1G, AH-1Q, AH-1F, MD500-TOW, AH-64A Peten, AH-64D-I

  • USA: USS Gearing, USS Douglas (PGM-100) (premium)
  • Germany: SMS Bayern, 1916
  • USSR: Kronshtadt
  • Great Britain: HMS Hood, 1941, ML 1383
  • Japan: JDS Ayanami (DD-103)
  • Italy: Geniere (D555), 1972 (premium)

New locations and missions

  • Abandoned Town — location for mixed battles
  • South-Eastern City — location for air battles.

Location and mission updates

  • New template for helicopter PvE. Allows players to land in enemy territory in order to “pick up an agent”. The players will need to land on the selected point and capture the area then return to any of their own landing points.
  • Cover fighters escorting AI attackers have been disabled in helicopter PvE.
  • The sets of AI units, in helicopter PvE, used by the missions have been adjusted to the current matching ranks to prevent high-rank units from entering battles to the initial helicopters.
  • All “ground attack” missions with participation of heavy ground vehicles (marked with a tank icon next to the mission name) have been reworded:
    • Replacement of new more elaborate vehicle models with older models of acceptable quality where it isn’t affecting gameplay;
    • Decreasing the number of tanks;
    • Overall reduction in the number of vehicles.
  • All this allowed for significant increase in performance on previous generation consoles and on weak PCs: the average FPS on test configuration in the mission “African Canyon” increased on average by about 30%.
  • Location Sun City has been reworked: the detalization improved (in the city outskirts mostly); a pass through all three capture zones has been added.
  • House buildings in the location “Poland” have been reworked.
  • “White Rock Fortress” location has been sent for reworking.
  • [Domination] Ardennes and [Domination] Wallonia missions have been renamed to [Domination #1] Ardennes and [Domination #2] Ardennes.
  • [Domination] and [Battle] missions in the locations “Fulda Gap”, “Maginot Line” and “Vietnam” have been reworked to separate missions: indicated #1 – small variant, previously used in Arcade battles only; indicated #2 – big variant, previously used in Realistic and Simulator battles. Every variant of the missions now can be played in any gaming mode of the available Battle ratings.
  • [Battle] missions on locations “Fulda Gap”, “Maginot Line”, “Vietnam”, “Sweden”, “Finland”, “Cargo Port”, “Poland”, “Fields of Poland” have been reworked to place capture points closer to the respawns, instead of the missions area edges.
  • [Battle] the mission in the “Campania” location in Arcade battles now has similar spawn points as in the Realistic and Simulator battles.
  • [Battle] the mission in the “Sands of Sinai” location now has a second spawn zone for each team.
  • New missions [Domination #2] have been added to the locations “Second Battle of El Alamein”, ”Mozdok“,”Hurtgen Forest”. Previous [Domination] missions have been renamed to [Domination #1]

Enduring Confrontation

  • Templates for hunters have been reworked. They now hunt enemy aircraft under AI control from the following templates: bombers, attackers and naval bombers.
  • In the bomber template it is now possible to switch targets in case the current target has been destroyed while the bombers are flying towards it.

Ground Vehicle model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes

  • Reload time for 4.7cm cannons on the following Italian vehicles has been revisited:
    • AB43 — reload time has been reduced from 4.6 to 3.3 seconds;
    • M13/40 (I) — reload time has been reduced from 5.0 to 4.0 seconds;
    • M13/40 (II) — reload time has been reduced from 5.0 to 2.9 seconds;
    • M13/40 (III) — reload time has been reduced from 5.0 to 2.9 seconds;
    • Sahariano — reload time has been reduced from 5.0 to 4.0 seconds;
    • 47/32 L40 — reload time has been reduced from 6.0 to 3.0 seconds.
  • Breda 501 — sides are now open, traverse targeting angles have been increased.
  • ZSD63 — reload time has been changed from 25 to 13 seconds.
  • IS-2 “Revenge” — anti-aircraft 12.7 mm DShK machine gun has been added.
  • M-51 (W) — 7.62 mm M1919 machine gun has been replaced with a 12.7 mm M2 machine gun.
  • ZTZ88A, ZTZ96, ZTZ96A — The values of transmission ratios have been clarified.
  • Strv 122, Strv 122B PLSS – slpprj m/95 shell has been added to the ammunition variants. DM33 shell has been moved to the first tier modifications.
  • ZTZ99-II, ZTZ99-III — DTW-125 shell has been replaced by DTC10-125 shell.
  • ZTZ99-II, ZTZ99-III — DTB12-125 HE shell with radio fuse and ATGM GP125 have been added to ammunition.
  • LAV-AD – number of rounds ready-to-fire in a belt has been reduced from 500 to 385. Total ammunition capacity increased from 1000 to 1155 rounds. Gun elevation angle reduced from +65 to +60 degrees. Source: National Defence Reports, by Canadian Department of National Defence // Weapons of the modern marines.
  • M2A4 (all) – vertical aiming angles have been adjusted from -6/+19 to -10/+20 degrees.
  • M16 (All) – material and armour thickness of the hull have been changed from 4mm constructional steel to 6.35mm rolled homogeneous steel.
  • M26E1 – gunner’s sight magnification has been adjusted from 4,3-5х to 4-8х. Source: Royal Army Corps – Technical Situation Report No. 36, 1945 // R.P. Hunnicutt – Pershing A History of the Medium Tank T20 Series – 1999.
  • Ferdinand – transmission parameters have been set equal to those of the Elefant (number of gears). Previously missed internal damage model parts have been added, similar to those of Elefant.
  • Marder 1A3 – weight has been increased from 29,200 to 33,500 kg.
  • Sherman Mk.Ic, Sherman Vc (all) – ammo capacity has been increased from 77 to 80 rounds, first stage ammo rack of 5 rounds has been added. Source: AORG (1945). Report on ammunition stowage and loading of 17 pr. gun in Sherman Vc Report No: 273
  • M4 Tipo Ic – ammo capacity has been reduced from 71 to 65 rounds. Total main gun ammunition is lower than British models, because this tank has a machine gun mounted instead of an additional ammo rack. First stage ammo rack of 5 rounds has been added.
  • Type 75 – gear control ratios have been adjusted, number of gears revised.
  • Type 75 MLRS – gear control ratios have been adjusted, number of gears revised.
  • Type 74 G – weight has been increased from 36,800 to 38,000 kg.
  • Khrizantema-S — The stabiliser of the aiming complex has been added. Source: Презентация продукции ОАО «Пеленг», Комбинированный оптический прибор управления 1К118П.
  • AMX-13 M-24 – weight has been reduced from 15,500 to 13,900 kg, vertical stabiliser has been added, gun depression angle has been reduced from -10 to -8 degrees.
  • AMX-13 FL11 – weight has been reduced from 15,500 to 12,700 kg.
  • AMX-30 ACRA, AMX-30 DCA, AMX-30 Roland, AMX-30 (1972), AMX-30 – gear control ratios have been adjusted, number of gears revised. Source.
  • AMX-50 Foch – gear control ratios have been adjusted, number of gears revised. Source.
  • D2 – Amount of ammunition has been changed from 108 to 120 shots.
  • The turret on the following ground vehicles have been converted to volumetric armour: T-62, T-62M1, T-34-85 (D-5T)

Aircraft and helicopter model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes

  • MiG-21 (all modifications) — transferred to the new suspended weapon editor system.
  • J-7II — transferred to the new suspended weapon editor system
  • J-7E — transferred to the new suspended weapon editor system.
  • MiG-23 (all modification) — transferred to the new suspended weaponry editor system.
  • MiG-27K, MiG-27M — transferred to the new suspended weaponry editor system.
  • 30 mm AKAN M/55 cannon — hidden belt has been removed from the weaponry preset.
  • 75 mm VK 7.5 cannon — fire rate has been changed from 30 to 40 shots per minute.
  • 30 mm MK 103 cannon— fire rate has been changed from 380 to 450 shots per minute.
  • 37 mm М9 cannon — velocity of the high-explosive fragmentation incendiary shell has been changed from 610 m/sec to 792 m/sec. Velocity of the armour-piercing incendiary shell has been changed from 945 m/sec to 929 m/sec.
  • 20 mm Hispano cannon— type of the explosive has been corrected from PETN to S.R.379.
  • R.550 Magic I — overload limitation at a missile launch has been set to 8G.
  • Morko-Morane — 20 mm MG-151 cannon has been added to the weaponry presets.
  • AH MK.1 — a bug where in the suspended weaponry Hydra-70 missiles have been used instead of CRV7 has been fixed.
  • AH-1F — TOW-2 missiles have been added.
  • F2H-2— combined variants with HVAR missiles, 250 pounds AN-M57 bombs and 500 pounds AN-M64A1 bombs have been added to the suspended weaponry presets.
  • Mi-35M — B-13L missile and S-13OF missile blocks have been added to the suspended weaponry presets.
  • F-4 (all versions) — transferred to the new suspended weaponry editor system
  • F-4J— AIM-7 missiles now can be mounted on the inboard wing pylons.
  • F-4E — is now able to carry up to 6 AGM-65 missiles. GBU-8 guided bombs have been added.
  • F-4EJ Kai — AIM-7E2 missiles have been changed to AIF-7F.
  • F-4E IAF — AIM-9E and AIM-9P missiles have been replaced with AIM-9D and AIM-9G missiles. Presets with one AGM-65 have been removed, presets with 3 AGM-65 have been added. The total number of available presets has been increased to 6. GBU-15 have been preplaced with GBU-8 guided bombs for a total of 4 bombs.
  • F-4F (all modifications) – 3000 pounds M118 bomb has been added to the suspended weaponry.
  • BLU-1 incendiary bomb has been added to the following aircraft: F-5 (all nations), F-104C, F-104G, F-104S, F-104S-ASA, F-84F (all nations),
  • BLU-27/B incendiary bomb has been added to the following aircraft: F-105D, B-57B, F-100D
  • MK 77 mod.4 incendiary bomb has been added to the following aircraft: A-4 (all series)
  • ZB-360 incendiary bomb has been added to the following aircraft: MiG-21F-13, Su-7B, Su-7BKL, Su-7BMK
  • ZB-500 incendiary bomb has been added to the following aircraft: MiG-21bis-SAU, MiG-23MLA, MiG-23MF, Su-22UM3K, MiG-21SMT, MiG-21bis, MiG-21S (R-13-300), MiG-23M, MiG-23MLD, Su-17М2, Su-17М4, MiG-27М, MiG-27K
  • A-10A – display of the HUD info has been corrected.
  • Hampden TB Mk I (USSR) – ammunition of the turrets has been corrected.
  • SB (all) – targeting angles of the turrets have been corrected.
  • Yak-4 – targeting angles of the turret have been corrected.
  • A-4N – new weapon setups have been added with 1,000lbs bombs and AIM-9D missiles.
  • Kfir C2 / C7, A-7 (all), A-10A, F-4 (all), Nesher – the pod cannon has been changed from M61 to GAU-4/A
  • F-8E – the number of bombs in the setups with 12 250 lbs bombs has been reduced to 8.
  • AH-1S- targeting point mode has been added for the forward weapons.
  • F-104C / S, A-7 (all modifications) – forward cannon has been changed from M61 to M61A1.
  • AH Mk.1 Apache – Hydra 70 rockets have been changed to CRV7.
  • F2H-2 – new weapon presets have been added: 4x HVAR + 4x 250lbs, 4x HVAR + 2x 500lbs. Separate bomb drop has been added.
  • F9F-5, F9F-8 – Separate bomb drop has been added.
  • RS-132 rockets have been changed to M-13UM on the following aircraft: Su-8,Su-6,IL-10. Other aircraft received ROFS-132 rockets instead of RS-132.
  • RS-82 rockets have been changed to M-8 on the following aircraft: Su-8,Su-6,IL-10. Other aircraft received ROS-82 rockets instead of RS-82.
  • E7K2 — a bug that might leave rigging wires in the air when the wings were torn off has been fixed.
  • Su-6 (AM-42), Su-6 (M-71F) — aircraft armour has been supplemented.
  • AH-64D, AH MK.1, Ka-50, Mi-28NM, Tiger UHT, Tiger HAD, Tiger HAP — new group has been added to the suspended weaponry menu. Weapon presets have been sorted into groups.
  • The mass of the suspended container UPK-23-250 has been corrected.
  • Multiple fixes for weapon icons in the weapons menu.
  • Instant fire option for both main and auxiliary calibre guns has been added, By activating this option, main calibre guns fire first, the auxiliary guns fire by pressing the fire button until the main calibre is reloaded, Option can be enabled in the Controls > Naval > Weaponry > Fire of the main and auxiliary calibres by one button > Yes.
  • armour penetration coefficients of the naval 75, 76, 85 and 88mm AP rounds have been corrected for the de Marre formula. Penetration has been reduced by 5-10 mm.
  • PG 02 — ballistic parameters of the 20mm sub-calibre round have been fixed, armour penetration increased.
  • Type K-8 No.13 Late, Type K-8 No.13 — remote fuse HE round has been added for the 8-cm/40 3rd year type gun.
  • IJN Mikuma, IJN Suzuya — remote fuse HE round has been added for the 155-mm/60 Type 3 gun.
  • German WWI battleships — ballistic parameters of the 150mm/55 SK L/45 gun rounds have been fixed. Flight time has been reduced, trajectory became narrower, armour penetration slightly increased.
  • HMS Vega — a bug with undershoot on the rear main calibre turret has been fixed.
  • RN Commandanti Margottini — twin 20mm mounts have been replaced with illumination launchers.
  • USS Fletcher, USS Cowell, USS Aylwin, USS Sumner, USS Moffett — ammo capacity of the charge mortar launchers on the ship sides has been increased by the depth charges on the racks.
  • Saetta – Reloading time at an allied point for the Nettuno missiles has been changed from 8 to 12 seconds.
  • Pr. 1204(late) – A bug allowing the rocket launcher to be fired through the aft anti-aircraft gun has been fixed.
  • Type K-3 No.1, Type K-7 No.4 – The name of the AP belt modification for the 40 mm autocannon has been corrected.
  • RN Raimondo Montecuccoli, RN Eugenio di Savoia, USS Baltimore — sea planes have been added.
  • Smoke screen has been adjusted. The ship disappears faster behind it and becomes unavailable for targeting. Also it appears later from behind the veil.
  • Interaction of shells on water has been improved – arming and ricochet results.Previously we introduced arming of HE rounds via nose fuze when hitting the water surface. Now all rounds can be armed when hitting the water surface, followed by detonation depending on the fuze setup. The detonation might happen under the water or above, if a shell ricochets from water. If a shell is equipped with a time fuse and is not armed by hitting the water, after ricocheting it may hit a ship’s side.
  • Admiral Hipper, Prinz Eugen — main armoured deck has been corrected at the ends. Materials of the armouring of the main calibre turrets, upper deck and the bridge have been corrected.
  • Admiral Graf Spee — elevators of the auxiliary guns have been added.
  • IJN Mogami, IJN Suzuya, IJN Mikuma — armouring has been corrected.
  • IJN Kongo — material of the shields of casemate guns has been changed.
  • HMS Marlborough — height of the main armour plate (305 mm thick) has been increased in accordance with blueprints. The thickness of deck armour has been corrected. Internal coal bunkers have been added.
  • HMS Kent, HMS York — thickness of the floor of the main calibre turrets has been fixed.
  • HMS Norfolk (78) – Armour belt size has been changed. Source: ‘Dorsetshire’ – Armour and protection 1929
  • USS Baltimore, USS Pittsburgh – Geometry of the armour plates on main calibre turrets has been corrected. Armour thicknesses for the main calibre turrets have been corrected.
  • USS Arizona – Armour thicknesses above steering gear has been changed according to the blueprints from 158.75 mm to 123.83 mm.
  • USS Helena, USS Brooklyn, USS Cleveland – Thickness of armour decks and traverses has been corrected. Armour plates covering aft magazine bunkers got thinner at lower edge.
  • IJN Isuzu, IJN Kuma, IJN Sendai – Armoured decks above ammunition cellars have been raised to the height of the upper deck, and thickness has been corrected. Thickness of the front part of the gun shields of the main calibre turrets of the IJN Kuma, IJN Sendai has been increased.
  • JN Yubari – Geometry and armour belt thickness at the first boiler room have been corrected.
  • A bug has been fixed that led to hull penetration on some battleships while the armour belt was not penetrated.
  • JN Kongo — lifeboat davits that limited the bow main calibre turret firing angles have been removed.
  • USS Portland, USS Helena — bugs on the visual model of destroyed turrets have been fixed.
  • IJN Hayanami — twin 25mm guns have been changed to triple, shields have been removed from the 25mm mount at the bow.
  • HMS Cadiz — a bug has been fixed where AA gun crews have been visually doubled.
  • HMS Armada — the model of the director control tower has been fixed.
  • HMAS Tobruk, HMS Brissenden — the model of the Type 291 radar has been fixed.
  • USS Detroit, USS Raleigh, USS Trenton — the number and shape of the boilers, as well as the shape of the boiler room have been adjusted in accordance with the blueprints.
  • Albatros F543 — display of the boat cranes has been fixed.
  • USS Asheville — The main calibre turret rotation area is now mapped on the deck.
  • Time of fire on crashed catapult aircraft on the deck has been reduced.
  • The angle of the maximum possible deviation of the camera direction from the direction of the catapult has been increased, at which the launch of a sea plane is allowed.
  • All boats are now able to fight fire, repair and pump water when the crew number is critically low.
  • Range measuring time and updating of the weapon control systems have been reduced by 20%.
  • Naval markers of shell drop and lead markers have become more responsive and have less delay in updates of their position.
  • In the missions in boats the strength of the swell has been slightly reduced.

Economy and research

  • For 14 days after the release of the “Danger Zone” update, you will still have the opportunity to start and continue researching vehicles before which there are new update vehicles in the research tree. You will see a corresponding tooltip directly in the “Research” window on the new vehicles. After 14 days new vehicles from the update will become mandatory for research within the research tree.
  • Reserve ground vehicles in the Italian tech tree have been changed. M13/40 (I) and M13/40 (III) are not reserves any longer. New reserves are the AB41 and L6/40 with corresponding BR change.
  • M11/39 – The class of the vehicle has been changed from “medium tank” to “light tank”. The unit has been transferred from the SPG tree to the light tank tree.
  • Ratel 20 – BR in AB game mode has been changed from 7.0 to 6.7.
  • OF-40 MTCA – Available for purchase with Golden Eagles.
  • OF-40 MTCA – BR in all game modes has been changed from 9.0 to 8.7
  • PUMA and TAM 一 switched places.
  • ZSU-23-4 and ZSU-37-2 一 switched places.
  • ZSU-37-2 一 the battle rating in AB mode has been reduced from 8.3 to 8.0.
  • Phòng không T-34 and M42 (China) 一 switched places.
  • J1N1 and Ki-45 tei 一 switched places.
  • G.50 series 2 / G.50 AS series 7 (grouped) 一 taken out of group with CR.42.
  • C. 200 series 3 / C. 200 series 7 (grouped) 一 moved to rank II.
  • Sagittario 2 一 moved to rank VI and located before G.91 YS.
  • F.222.2 一 moved to the location after Martin 167-A3.
  • N.C.223.3 and M.B.174A-3 一 switched places.
  • MO-4 and D-3 一 switched places.
  • Poltava – Costs of research and purchase have been changed:
  • Cost in SL 990000 => 790000
  • Cost in RP 380000 => 320000
  • The number of required aircraft to open rank VII in Italian aviation has been increased from 3 to 4.
  • He 112 B-1/U2 (premium, Germany) – Hidden in the research tree for players who didn’t manage to purchase the aircraft before the update has been released.
  • Rasmussen’s P-36A – Received premium status instead of event vehicle status.


  • Camouflage schemes for ground vehicles from all nations have been updated. Quality and resolution have also been improved.
  • Some decals from the “other” section have been moved to new sections “Snow Globe”, “Logotypes”, “Battle Pass”, “Clan Awards”, “Holidays”, “Game update”, “Veteran”.
  • Additional variants of the previous plant decorations have been added to the “In Disguise” section.


  • “One Shot” battle award has been renamed to “Without a miss”.
  • The new “F-14A” loading screen that you can get by playing 100 random battles with an activity of 70% or more in the F-14A Early has been added.


  • Aircraft HUD has been improved: rocket sight reworked, 3rd person view bombsight updated, seeker area markers and lock-on markers with air-to-air missiles, as well as flight and engine parameters. The colour of the updated indicators can be changed separately in settings, both for sights and flight parameters.
  • Icons, allowing quick analysis of the result of a shot have been added for the ground vehicle’s hit camera. Schematic information about remaining crew members, about the ability of the hit vehicle to fire (gun icon), move (engine icon), point the cannon (guidance icon) and condition of the tracks are displayed.
  • Hit camera for naval vessels has been updated. Now a close-up highlights the area of the enemy vessel that received a hit and individual icons show the damage status.
  • The mechanics of the view of offers of the available author’s camouflages on the market has been improved. Now the offer can be shown again no earlier than 3 months after the previous review and only if players don’t own this camouflage. For the same vehicle offers for different camouflages can be shown no more than once in a week.
  • 40 camouflages from the previously released trophies have been added to the offers of any being viewed that are available on the market.

Game mechanics

  • The mechanics of active radar seekers have been added. Active radar seekers, unlike the semi-active, are autonomous and do not require external target illumination. This allows the use of the “fire and forget” principle, but the lock-on distance of the active seekers is significantly shorter, which is why, when launched at longer distances, inertial navigation is used for the most of the trajectory.
  • The mechanics of the radar-aided inertial navigation has been added. Radar-aided inertial navigation is enabled while the radar tracks a target. The use of radio correction of the inertial navigation makes it possible to increase the accuracy of guidance if a target manoeuvres after missile launch at a distance greater than the seeker lock-on distance, as well as to correct errors in the initial launch conditions.
  • The track-while-scan mode of radars has been added. This mode allows the radar to track multiple targets while scanning. This mode has the following features:
    The track-while-scan mode prevents a target’s radar warning system from detecting a missile, in contrast with the classical methods of tracking by, for example, a conical scanning, thus decreasing a target’s awareness about attack.
    In the track-while-scan mode it is possible to deploy any type of armament, except for semi-active seeker missiles.
    The track-while-scan mode provides a target designation for the homing seekers while scanning the area.
    The marker of the acquired target displays in the HUD and other tracked targets displays only in the radar indicator. You can toggle targets by pressing the “Select Radar/IRST target to lock” button.
  • Arcade Battles no longer use a multiplier that increases the capture zone of the homing head of air-to-air missiles. The scanning and capture zone parameters for air-to-air missiles in AB are now the same as in RB and use real missile parameters. This mechanic was originally intended to increase the effectiveness of early air-to-air missiles in AB but the emergence of more manoeuvrable missiles in the game and the mass proliferation of the flares led to the fact that arcade increase of the scanning area of the homing head of the guided air-to-air missiles began to degrade the battle performance of the missile due to lower resolution and difficulty to capture the target the player wanted and higher probability of the missile leaving for flares.
  • Added mechanics of a new type of weapons for aircraft – incendiary bombs.


  • The appearance of decals from explosions and shots on different surfaces of the landscape has been improved.
  • The following visual effects have been reworked:
    • Smoke traces from the motor of air-to-air and air-to-ground guided missiles.
    • Effects of ground vehicles moving on different types of surfaces.
    • Effect of detonation of AP shells in the air.
    • Effect of muzzle gases from the breech of the ZSU 2S6
    • Effect of shell of calibre 8-18 mm hitting.
    • Effect of leaves falling from fallen trees.
    • Effect of the hard-kill active protection rounds
  • All tracer rounds now have the effect of the colour shift from initiator colour to the tracer colour on trajectory. The effect of tracer destruction with tracer tearing off has been added. Tracer can break off ricocheted tracer ammunition or if it fails to penetrate an obstacle.
  • Temporal anti-aliasing (TAA) has been improved. TAA works faster, the ghosting effect of tanks through the environment has been removed, and overall quality has increased. Since the new TAA algorithm works faster, previous standard quality TAA is no longer used and has been removed from the options. New TAA algorithm enabled by default, if any of the previous algorithms were enabled before.
  • The display of the visual effects in thermal imagers and night vision devices has been improved.
  • Displaying of small particles like sparks has been added. Temperatures on the effects of armour-piercing shells hitting the landscape have been fixed.
  • The display time of some effects of crashed aircraft has been reduced.
  • Light sources depended on surface type have been added to effects of large calibre shells hits.
  • For PC users, a GPU Benchmark has been added, where after loading into the hangar, a system test to determine the recommended graphics settings is presented once. Re-testing can be launched by opening Options > Graphics > GPU Benchmark.


  • Engines in all ground vehicles now have new sounds, except for VFM 5, IKV 103, IKV 91, PVRBV 551, STRF 90. Special emphasis is made on the naturalness of sounds both from inside and outside the vehicles.
  • Tanks of the ZTZ-99 series have received their own unique engine sounds.
  • New sounds have been created for tracks and hull vibrations of ground vehicles while turning.
  • New sound design of the turret rotation mechanism on ground vehicles has been created.
  • TOW ATGM received a new more realistic sound design – the clap of a ‘squib’ before firing. This ‘squib’ opens a nitrogen cylinder, the release energy of which should spin the gyroscope. Its old sound design – the buzzing of an electric drive of a spinning gyroscope was transferred to Soviet ATGMs since they should also have this sound.
  • M61 Vulcan cannon — new sounds have been added.
  • New sounds for the PG87 and ZU-23-2 cannons have been created.


  • The mechanics to rewind client replays has been added.
  • New optional 3rd person view camera has been added for helicopter battles. It can be found in “Settings” – “Helicopter battle settings” – “Cinematic 3rd person view camera”. This camera uses a 10 degrees smaller field of view which allows a better view of the helicopter and has a slight shift on the horizontal axis.
  • The value of “Camera Mouse Look Speed” is now consistent across all vehicle types. Previously, in ground vehicles, the applied value was lower, which in turn required different settings for ground vehicles and aircraft.
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