Windows 10 Cloud will only run Unified Windows Platform (UWP) apps

Recently, a new version of Windows 10 inside Insider test builds was discovered by The Walking Cat. This new Windows 10 version, currently known as “Windows Cloud,” is listed inside Windows 10 software development kit 15003. You will also find mention of both Windows Cloud and CloudN inside recent Insider test builds.

Windows 10 Cloud and CloudN editions

However, Windows Cloud version has nothing to do with Cloud, instead, it is a simplified version of Windows 10 that will only run Unified Windows Platform (UWP) apps. It will run on apps installed from the Windows Store. Which is very similar to Windows RT or the Windows 8.1 with Bing SKU. Windows Cloud and CloudN editions will be simpler, cheaper, safer, version of Windows 10 and will compete against Chromebooks.

We can expect these new editions to come out with Windows 10 Creators Update. Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update will be available around April 2017 for end users.