Things New and fixed in Windows 10 PC Build 14379

Windows 10 PC Insider Build 14376 Windows 10 PC Build 14379

Microsoft released yet another Windows 10 Insider build 14379 for PC and Mobile(10.0.14379). The Latest build is rolling out for Fast ring insiders right now. No new feature released in this build.

The new build contains mostly bug fixes and improvements over past insider build 14376. Insider team is taking a long weekend off. So next insider build will come after 4th of July. Again, Dona Sarkar(Insider team head) announced latest insider build 14379 availability.

Fixes and improvements and  in Build 14379

  • Insider team fixed an issue where the size of the Credential UI might not be big enough to display the contents on a PC with High DPI.
  • Insider team also fixed an issue where Action Center might crash after dismissing a large number of notifications.
  • Insider team fixed an issue where Centennial app launches from Start or Cortana wouldn’t count towards those apps bubbling up in Start’s “Most used” list.
  • Insider team fixed an issue where no note would have keyboard focus after minimizing then reopening the Sticky Notes app.

Known bugs and issues in Build 14379

  • With this insider build 14379, using Continuum from your phone on your PC via the Connect app will not work. This should be fixed in the next build.


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