Id Software posted a video of Doom Single Player gameplay. Executive Producer Marty Stratton described the new DOOM as a reboot rather than a sequel. The video shows off some of DOOM’s new weapons, gameplay systems, and varied environments.

Stratton noted that “some of the UI elements such as execution and objective highlighting can be disabled to give the game more of an old school feel.”  DOOM will see the return of Ultra-Violence mode.

DOOM’s maps are designed with branching paths, with exploration in mind, tons of secrets and multiple ways to achieve objectives. Some of the game’s weapon modifications and those fluid and contextual executions.

DOOM’s iconic chainsaw has even been developed into a survival mechanic, rewarding players with ammo and health for each successful kill. However, chainsaw fuel itself is a scarce resource, forcing players to be thoughtful with its expenditure, especially considering more powerful demons will require more units of fuel to kill.

In addition to single player mode, DOOM will also feature a full multiplayer mode. Bethesda’s DOOM reboot will hit shelves on May 13th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.