Microsoft has finally revealed its AR HoloLens hardware specification. Microsoft HoloLens use custom-designed Holographic Processing Unit (HPU) TSMC-fabricated 28nm co-processor that has 24 Tensilica DSP cores. It has about 65 million logic gates, 8MB of SRAM and 1GB of low-power DDR3 RAM, all in a 12mm-by-12mm BGA package. It can perform a trillion calculations a second.

HPU handles all the environment sensing and other input/output necessary for the VR. It collects data from sensors and processes from gesture movements. Each DSP core is given a particular task to focus on. The HoloLens headset also has an Intel Cherry tail Atom processor that runs Windows 10 with 1GB of RAM with 64GB of on-board storage. Microsoft HoloLens Developer Edition is currently available for $3,000.


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