New Windows 10 Notification Center is in progress

Action Center is a new feature of Windows 10. It collects all system notifications and applications, with the addition of some shortcuts practices. However, if Windows Mobile 10 is crucial , it has not enjoyed the same success on the desktop counterpart .

The main problem is the user experience that comes on PCs and tablets, very different from that of smartphones and that makes it much less intuitive to use everyday . The designers at Microsoft, to improve the Center in the future notifications, asked the Insider an opinion on the concept you see here at the top.

Here are some ideas of Microsoft:
  • Make the most immediate notifications
  • Move the icon to the right completely, to help it stand out
  • Beautify the icon and notifications
  • Add the number of notifications
  • Giving the perception by which app notification comes
  • Creating an alternative to toast notifications for those who want a more sober solution