Gabe Aul just announced Windows 10 Insider Build 14332 for both PC and Mobile. There is not much of a new feature in this build just bug fixes.

What’s new in Windows 10 Insider Build 14332:

Bash and Command Prompt Improvements: Networking issues that prevented tools running in Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10 from being able to access the Internet. This release fixes these issues and users should no longer need to modify their resolv.conf file by hand and users will no longer see errors like apt-get fail to find its servers and download apps. Calling mv between the /mnt and non-/mnt drives files and directories will now move correctly between the two points.

Windows scaling on PCs with High-DPI displays, several cursor rendering and hiding improvements, improved background color painting, better font selection and rendering for international characters, as well as improved scrolling for nano & EMACS editors improved.

Cortana can now search Office 365: On your PC, Cortana can now search your content in Office 365 including your emails, contacts, calendar as well as files in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint.

Improved Battery Life for Connected Standby PC’s: Battery life is improved in this build. Some of the less-valuable activity will be quiet down. Surface or other Connected Standby PC will notice improved and more consistent standby battery life.