Edge is still the best battery saving browser claims Microsoft


Google recently released Chrome 53 and claimed that its browser uses less CPU and GPU power consumption for video playback. Google posted a video with Surface Books showing its browser’s performance. Now Microsoft has conducted new tests.

Microsoft has tested Edge, Opera, Firefox and Chrome battery life on a Surface Books, using the same Netflix test. According to Microsoft’s claim Edge lasted 8 hours and 47 mins, compared to 6 hours and 3 mins for Chrome. That’s 45 percent longer than Chrome, and 69 percent longer than Firefox. Opera comes second with 7 hours and 8 minutes of battery life, but Edge still lasts 23 percent longer.

Microsoft Spokesperson says,

“The Chrome team recently released a similar video where they focused on comparing the latest version of Chrome to a release from last year to demonstrate some improvements, however they didn’t include other browsers in this test. Because the format was so similar to our tests, we shot a second video to compare like for like, this time using their methodology: looping a video from Vimeo, instead of Netflix.”