New Intel 28-Core Desktop Processor is coming later this Year

Intel has announced it’s new 28-core/56-thread high-end desktop processor. The new processor has a 700 mm die on a client-segment package. The CPU will run at 2.70 GHz as a base clock. Intel did not specify any turbo frequency but did manage to overclock to 5.00 GHz. In Cinebench, it achieved a score of 7,334 on stage, something that’s only bested by multi-processor systems.

Earlier today, the company also announced it’s limited edition processor – Core i7-8086K (only 50,000 will be made). This processor is an homage to both Intel’s 50 year company anniversary and the 40 year anniversary of the eponymous 8086 processor.

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This new processor is a boost over its current Core i7-8700K offering. Intel has said that the processor has a base frequency of 4.0 GHz and a single core turbo of 5.0 GHz.

The official pricing is now available yet, however, the processor might cost you $425.

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