Fortnite update 1.21 adds new game mode, weapons, heroes – Patch Notes

Fortnite update 1.21 for PS4, Xbox One, and Mac will roll out later today. According to the official Fortnite patch notes, the latest update new game mode, weapons, heroes, defenders and more as The Horde Bash update.

The new mode – Challenge The Horde, introduces a new type of mission which utilizes a unique skill tree and progressive fort system. Your building skills will be tested as you and your squad level up your forts and pit them against a mix of all kinds of monsters.

Fortnite update 1.21 Patch Notes


  • Challenge the Horde
    • Construct Your Fort
      • Enter the Staging Area and build your Portable Horde Fort.
        • Use your custom fort in all Challenge the Horde adventurers.
        • Your fort carries over to each new mission!
      • Gather wood, stone, metal, and traps for your base from the new Horde mode skill tree.
    • Bring It Into Battle!
      • When your squad is prepared, proceed to the combat zone and face off against hordes of husks!
      • Each zone includes 3-5 challenges, each with increased difficulty.
      • The final hex hosts especially tough challenges for veteran players.
      • Each challenge pits you and your squad up against 10 waves of enemies.
      • Gameplay modifiers are introduced as the waves progress, increasing the difficulty of your foes in a variety of dastardly ways.
        • Certain waves throw a large number of a certain enemy type at you. How many Lobbers, Sploders, or Smashers can your fort handle?
    • Earn skill points to unlock additional resources with the Horde Bash update.
      • Harvesting is disabled in Challenge the Horde zones.
      • Resources are granted at the start of combat, and at the end of each successfully completed combat wave
        • Use these resources to craft weapons, place traps, and expand or repair your fortifications.
      • Nodes in the Horde skill tree increase the amount of wood, stone, metal, trap crafting ingredients, weapon crafting ingredients, and ammo dropped each wave.
    • Every member of the team can bring one Defender and will start the Challenge with a few free Defender posts in the Horde Bash update.
  • Scavenger Tickets
    • Players can receive Scavenger Tickets and Horde Skill Points upon successfully completing Horde Challenges.
      • Up to six times every 24 hours.
    • Quests grant additional Scavenger Tickets the first time you complete all of the Challenges in each zone.
  • Event Quests / Rewards
    • The new Scavenger Llama in the store holds four new Heroes, and nine new Weapons in the Horde Bash update.
      • Earn the Scavenger currency by completing quests and playing in Horde Bash events.
    • 25+ Quests that allow you to progress through the Challenge the Horde event. These quests include rewards that range from Scavenger Tickets to Legendary Items!
      • Complete the third Challenge in the 15 power Horde zone to earn a choice of Epic Melee or Ranged Scavenger Weapon Schematic.
      • If you and your squad manage to complete the 5th tier in a 70 power zone, you will be rewarded with a Legendary Scavenger Hero of your choice.
    • 20+ Scavenger Quests with rewards that range from Scavenger tickets to a few high-value items!
      • Complete the “Mission Alert!” Quests to earn one Epic Scavenger Hero.
      • Need a Legendary Defender? Complete the quest “Die, Husks, Die! – Stage 8” to earn one!
  • New Repeatable Event Quests
    • Perpetual Storms will award a choice of upgrade ingredients.
  • The Horde Bash update introducing four new Scavenger Heroes with several new, never-before-seen perks.
    • Raider Soldier – Close-range combatant with Shockwave and shotgun perks.
    • Gunblazer Outlander – Pistol-packing Outlander adept at scrounging up ammo.
    • Machinist Constructor – Uses the B.A.S.E. to supercharge traps.
    • Energy Thief Ninja – Generates energy by striking foes in melee combat.
  • Limited-time “Mission Alert!” quests reward one Epic Scavenger hero of each class
    • Earned by completing mission alerts (in Horde or the normal theaters) while using a hero of the specified class.
  • All of these new heroes are also available in the Scavenger Llama pack with the Horde Bash update.
Fortnite 1.21 (EA patch 1.7) The Horde Bash update
  • According to the official Fortnite patch notes, the latest Fortnite 1.21 added Nine new weapons introduced with the Scavenger Weapon set. These weapons are much cheaper to craft than usual but have somewhat reduced durability.
Fortnite update 1.21 (EA patch 1.7) The Horde Bash update
  • Two new Defenders to help protect your fort! Recruit them and get them on the front line, Commander!
  • Each defender can be earned by completing event quests, and found in all the usual Llama packs, (upgrade llama, people llama, etc) even after the event ends.


  • Players can now grab pickups through open windows and other openings.
  • Fortnite update 1.21 has addressed an issue where textures would pop in and out from certain distances.
  • Revival progress is now shown in the UI for the entire team.
    • A large progress indicator now displays while being revived.
  • The death log will now show teammates color correctly.
  • Tweaks to slotted inventory item look.
  • The continue/back buttons on the death and win screens will now say “Return to Lobby.”



  • There is a chance that a player can spawn into a zone with no pickaxe.
  • Husks sometimes spawn in unreachable locations during Encampment encounters.
  • Purchasing the Weapon Transformation node does not unlock Transforming in the Armory.
  • Global chat shows a “Joining general chat” message to players who have communications blocked.


  • The Scavenger Choice Llama is now available in the Loot tab for a limited time.
    • The Scavenger Choice Llama guarantees a choice reward for new Scavenger Weapons and Heroes.
    • The cost to purchase a Scavenger Choice Llama is 1000 Scavenger Tickets.
      • Scavenger Tickets can be earned by completing limited time Event Quests or Challenge the Horde content.
    • According to the official Fortnite patch notes, the latest Fortnite 1.21 has added new Scavenger Items to Collection Book
  • Scavenger Weapon Set is now available
    • Scavenger Launcher will launch a unique trash ball as it’s projectile
  • Updated Daily Quest Objective counts for the following:
    • Daily Destroy (TVs) – increase required number to 20
    • Daily Destroy (Propane Tanks) – increase required number to 10
  • Fortnite version 1.21 has corrected an issue that was causing the Wall Dynamo trap not to damage Husks.
    • Husks will now consistently take damage in the trap’s range.
  • Triple Tap sniper rifle now uses medium bullets (instead from heavy bullets)
  • Slightly boosted the jump height bonus of the Praying Mantis perk.
  • Updated all Canny Valley and Twine Peaks Quests that had a singular objective of “Complete ‘X’ missions”
    • Now requires players to complete any of a choice of 3 missions.
      • For example: Old Objective: Complete 3 missions in a 40+ zone New Objective: Complete 3 Retrieve the Data, Fight Category 3 Storm, or Ride The Lightning missions in a 40+ zone.
      • Players can choose any of these missions and must complete a total of 3 missions to fulfill the Quest.
  • Fortnite version 1.21 has corrected an issue where Tier 3 Hydraulic Sniper Rifles would not evolve to Tier 4 Crystal Hydraulic Sniper Rifles.
  • These weapons will evolve normally now.
  • Corrected a bug which caused players to instantly teleport to a Teleport pad when moving it.
  • According to the Fortnite patch notes, the latest Fortnite 1.21 has fixed an issue that caused weapons which stacked (bottle rockets, etc) not to auto-equip a different weapon once the stack was depleted.
  • Fixed the Shock Phase tactical perk to correctly limit stacking.
    • Currently, the perk was giving much more than the intended bonus. This has been corrected.
  • Fortnite update 1.21 has fixed an evolution issue for the Tier 4 Crystal Maverick shotgun, and all tiers of the Bandit shotgun.
    • These weapons will now evolve normally.
  • Corrected an issue where Mimics would immediately despawn after being activated.
    • Now players should have no issues with Mimics disappearing with their loot.
  • Fortnite version 1.21 has added a unique new animation for the Hydraulic Hammer’s secondary attack


  • New Outlander: Gunblazer Southie
    • Set Phasers to Kill: Increases pistol damage after Phase Shift ends.
    • Extended Magazine: Increases pistol ammo capacity.
    • Static Cling: Shock Tower afflicts targets, dealing periodic damage
    • Llocked and Lloaded [Perk and Tactical]: Llama Fragment drops ammo.
    • Bullet Bonanza [Support]: Chance to find double ammo when looting containers.
  • New Soldier: Raider Headhunter
    • Shell Shock: Increased shotgun damage
    • Critical Blast: Increased shotgun critical damage
    • I Love to Reload: Movement speed boost for a time after reload
    • Adjustable Choke [Support]: Increased shotgun critical chance
  • New Ninja: Energy Thief Mari
    • Vigorous Blade: Gains energy every 4 sword strikes
    • Rebound: Crescent Kick grants energy per enemy struck
    • Vigorous Strikes [Tactical]: Gains energy every 4 melee strikes
  • New Constructor: Machinist Harper
    • Supercharged Traps: BASE increases trap damage
    • Overclocked Traps: BASE increases trap reload speed
    • Tough Traps [Perk and Support]: All traps crafted by party are more durable
  • All missing hats for heroes (rarity) rare and above have been added, as well as all missing backpacks for Epic rarity and above.
  • Created new male Sniper Defender, and female Shotgun Defender.
  • According to the official Fortnite patch notes, the latest Fortnite 1.21 has fixed an issue that was causing the Charged Fist ability to not apply the full 200% damage bonus.
  • Anti-Material charge will now apply the full bonus damage when “Long Arm of the Law” is unlocked.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Outlander’s Anti-Material charge to stop abruptly when traveling.
  • Now the Ability will go the expected distance.
  • Fixed an issue where the Bull Rush animation would continue to play after being knocked down if the player activated Bull Rush just before getting knocked down.
  • After using the Air Strike gadget, a weapon will now automatically be equipped.
  • Fortnite update 1.21 has fixed an issue that caused the Anti-Material Charge ability to cancel itself if used without being fully charged.
    • This issue occurred when the Charged Fist perk was equipped.
  • Corrected the stamina cost for the Grenade Cost perk.
    • Using the Frag Grenade ability with the Grenade Cost perk now costs 15 stamina.
  • Fixed an issue where throwing stars were going through Husks without doing any damage.
    • Throwing stars will now damage enemies regardless of angle or distance thrown.
  • According to the Fortnite patch notes, the latest Fortnite 1.21 has fixed an issue that was causing stuttering while double jumping as the Ninja.
    • Players should now be able to jump around without issue.
  • Slightly boosted the jump height bonus of the Praying Mantis perk.
    • The Praying Mantis perk’s jump bonus didn’t feel like it made enough of a difference. The perk should feel much better now.
  • Flashbang tactical perk description clarified.
    • Frag Grenades now do increase impact damage. When impact limit is reached, enemies are stunned for 2.5 seconds, instead of being knocked back.
  • Fortnite update 1.21 has fixed an issue that was causing Bull Rush to be able to hit player’s Defenders.
    • Bull Rush will no longer damage defenders.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Wings of the Dragon perk to stop short.
    • Any Ninja that has this perk equipped will now travel the full distance.


  • Fortnite version 1.21 has fixed an issue that was causing players to be unable to find Objective B in “Deliver the Bomb” missions.
    • Players should now have no problem finding the objectives.


  • Fortnite 1.21 fixed an issue where the lobby timer would briefly show an incorrect time.
  • Fixed a description typo for the Enforcer Grizzly hero.
  • Clients properly return to the mission select screen when a server timeout occurs while connected to the lobby
  • Fortnite version 1.21 has improved navigation on the Quest menu when using a controller.
    • Occasionally when switching between menus controller input would be delayed, that is now fixed.
  • Fortnite 1.21 fixed a number of instances of cut off text.
  • Performed many performance fixes in the UI allowing smoother and faster navigation on menu screens.
  • Fortnite update 1.21 has fixed a rare bug which caused the UI to not display certain components after rejoining a zone in progress.
  • According to the Fortnite patch notes, the latest Fortnite 1.21 has fixed an issue where disconnecting caused the player to receive a level 1 chest regardless of what chest should have been earned.
    • Now the player will receive the correct rewards even after disconnection.
  • Prevent possible instability if user clicks LAUNCH button in the lobby too many times.
  • Corrected the Faster Exit perk tooltip description to more accurately explain its effects.
  • Fixed an issue where cards would not display the correct color rarity.
  • New background art on Skill Tree pages.


  • The Horde mode combat map is using a new animated 3D Volumetric Fog technique
    • This tech will add a fog layer to the ground and concave areas of the level without hindering visibility
  • Baseball bats now have a custom alternate swing animation.
  • Fortnite update 1.21 has fixed an issue that caused the muzzle flash to endlessly loop after firing the Trooper Assault Rifle with alterations.
  • Fortnite 1.21 improved a variety of ranged and melee weapon visual effects.
  • Performed a quality pass on all elemental ranged and melee weapons to have better fitting visual effects.
  • Beehive Husk visual effects have had its opacity turned down to improve visibility in bee swarms.
  • Hydraulic Sniper and Shotgun icons are now higher resolutions.
  • Added new FX for the Ricochet and Tank modifiers for Horde Bash event
  • Deepwater and Lakes have new details added in the water.
  • Water reflections have been improved
  • Fortnite 1.21 replaced an old tree model with higher quality art in the onboarding level.
  • Added more visual variety of survivors that can be saved in the world


  • Hawk and Bull join the conversation with new VO.


  • Players will no longer default to English global chat rooms when failing to find a room available for their language.
  • Fortnite update 1.21 has fixed a crash that could occur if shutting down immediately after logging in.
  • Faster response to server timeouts when connecting to the server lobby.
  • Fortnite version 1.21 has improved client and server stability related to outages with various backend services.
  • According to the Fortnite patch notes, the new update has fixed a rare issue where party members wouldn’t join a server with the party leader.
  • Improved dedicated server stability by retrying cloud save operations if they fail.
  • Fixed a rare crash while matchmaking.


  • Viewing a Twitch stream and being awarded a viewer quest, and then not logging in for a month could prevent players from logging in.
    • This issue is now fixed.
  • Fortnite 1.21 has added ability for console users that are not actively playing game to accept invites from other players.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t apply Fullscreen mode.
    • Now when selecting the Fullscreen option, the setting should apply correctly.
  • V-Bucks earned from playing Fortnite are now spendable on all platforms.
    • Purchased V-Bucks continue to be only available on the platform purchased.
  • Fortnite 1.21 fixed several client and server crash conditions.
  • Fortnite version 1.21 has fixed a few localization issues.


  • The “Backspace” key can now be bound in player input on PC.
  • Fortnite update 1.21 has fixed an issue where players couldn’t view all available banner categories on PC.
    • Players will now be able to change their banner at will.
  • Changed minimum macOS requirement for Fortnite to 10.12.6.
    • This should help prevent some crashes that players were experiencing.
  • Fortnite update 1.21 fixed a crash during shutdown on PC if the player was mid-purchase of real-money products.


Fixed an issue where Xbox emoji’s were breaking chat rooms.

Check your game update and download latest Fortnite update 1.21 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.