Google Material design is coming to Google Analytics

google analytics

Google’s new Material design is coming to Google Analytics. Google is also bringing improvements to the Google Analytics. Check out what new changes coming to Analytics.

What’s changes coming for Google Analytics

Simplified navigation

  • A brand-new navigation using Google’s Material Design standards.
  • Removal of the “Home Customization Reporting Admin” subheader bar.
  • Admin is now pinned to the bottom of the navigation.
  • Resizeable left navigation to allow for more space in the canvas.

Customization, all in one place

  • All customization elements are contained in a “Customization” left-nav element

Simplified Google Analytics View switching

  • The old “Home” account/property/view picker page has been replaced by the new picker in the header, which allows you to switch views from any page in the product

A streamlined login flow

  • Logging in now automatically takes you to the last View you were looking at the last time you logged in

Goodbye to a couple of pages

  • Intelligence Events:Custom alerts have moved to the new Customization section and will continue to function as normal. Automatic Intelligence Events have been removed from Google Analytics, and will soon be replaced by automated insights from Assistant.
  • In-Page Analytics: The In-Page Analytics report has been removed from Google Analytics web UI. You can still access in-page analytics with the