Gran Turismo Sport 1.06 Update comes with New Cars – Patch Notes

Gran Turismo Sport 1.06 patch is now rolling out on PS4. The latest Gran Turismo Sport update 1.06 comes with free DLC which includes three new cars IsoRivolta Zagato, Audi R18, and Shelby Cobra 427 (N500). In addition, the game also includes bug fixes and other improvements. The latest Gran Turismo Sport version 1.06 has adjusted the difficulty level of the Driving School and Mission Challenges in the Campaign Mode. Check out more details below.

Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.06 Patch Notes

  • New Cars
    – The following 3 cars have been added.
    ・IsoRivolta Zagato Vision Gran Turismo (Gr.X)
    ・Audi R18 (Audi Sport Team Joest)(Gr.1)
    ・Shelby Cobra 427 (N500)
  • Physics Simulation Model
    – A part of the physics simulation model was improved, especially improving controllability of stock commercial models which exhibit less grip on the road.
    – Control management of the ‘standard’ ABS settings was improved, raising drivability under braking conditions.
    – Control management of rear wheel drive cars withTCS settings set higher than ‘2’ was improved, raising stability at corner exits.
  • Campaign Mode
    – It is now possible to play the campaign modewhile offline.
    – In line with the improvements in the physicssimulation model, the difficulty level of the Driving School and MissionChallenge were adjusted.
    – In line with the adjustment of the difficultylevels, the ranking boards of the Driving School, Mission Challenge, andCircuit Experience were reset. (*There is no effect to game progress and theGold/Silver/Bronze status of players from before the ranking reset)
  • Livery Editor
    – It is now possible to use the Livery Editor while offline.
    – It is now possible to create and edit Liveries of cars without having to set the car to be edited as the currently selected car.
    – It is now possible to apply car liveries to cars loaned in the Manufacturer’s Series. (*It is now possible to enter races in the manufacturer’s Series with custom car liveries applied. )
  • Museum
    – A Museum has been added to Bugatti in Brand Central.
  • Race Screen
    – There is now a warning indicator when the remaining fuel becomes low.
  • Sound
    – It is now possible to adjust the balance of sound effects during gameplay. The adjustment can be made in[Options] -> [Sound Volume].
  • Scapes
    – It is now possible to play with the Scapes feature while offline.
    – “Autumn Leaves” has been added to the featured collection.
    In line with this, a few new Photo Spots have been added.
  • Sports Mode
    – It is now possible to download and playback the replays of top ranking drivers in the Daily Race Qualifying TimeAttack Rankings.
    – An antenna display now indicates the connection status/quality in the member lists.
    – The judgment algorithm of the sportsmanship Rating (SR) has been improved. In the screen indications, it is also now possible to see the reductions in the SR of not only yourself but of other drivers involved in a contact incident with your car.
  • Sports Mode / Lobby
    – It is now possible to select a preset chat text when entering text chat.
    – You can now set an automatic greetings message for when you enter a lobby. The settings for this greetings text can be performed in [My Menu] -> [Profile Settings]. (*Up to 40characters)

Added three new cars to the game as free DLC:

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Check your game update and download latest Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.06 on your PlayStation 4.