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Icarus Update Patch Notes

A new Icarus update released on PC. According to the official Icarus patch notes, the latest update addresses some bugs and crashes.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Icarus patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Icarus Patch Notes

We have reached 20th weekly update to Icarus, and it brings a range of new Orbital Workshop Items for you to spend your hard-earned Ren on.

Larkwell Martinez backpacks and envirosuits with their own unique buffs have landed, including new team-oriented boosts, new armor sets and the highly-requested Workshop Repair Kit. To cap it off, we have a new mission, FORSAKEN: Recovery which comes with its own ‘Hard Fail State’ twist. Get going prospectors, the planet awaits.

Repairing Workshop Items

Last week’s patch introduced the new Armor Durability system, and your feedback has been instrumental in the development of this feature, and the development of other features which follow a similar model.

One area that caused some confusion was the impact on Workshop Armor, and we are addressing it this week with the new Workshop Repair Kit which is now available in the Orbital Workshop.

This will allow you to repair any Workshop Item that is damaged. It can be carried by any prospector on your team, but can only be used at the Machining Bench or Fabricator.

The Workshop Repair Kit can be purchased individually or in a stack of five, and will stack up to ten in your inventory. We recommend figuring out among your group how many you need for a mission, and strategically using them throughout your drops.

New Workshop Items and Area Modifiers

The Orbital Workshop has a range of new items available for players to purchase with their hard-earned Ren. New Larkwell Martinez items have landed, including two new backpacks with shotgun and storage buffs each. There’s also a new Larkwell Envirosuit with 3 module slots available at the cost of 5 inventory slots.

Also look out for two new Armor sets, one with bonuses to Mining and Gathering and another with bonuses to Stealth and Damage, giving you variation for your unique prospector builds.

There are two new Boost Modules with ‘Area Modifiers’ which provide benefits to fellow players in the area nearby, but not to the owner. One provides a modifier that increases your fellow prospectors’ carrying capacity and one which grants them healing from afflictions such as poison and pneumonia when nearby. These boosts are intended for co-operative gameplay and, importantly, do not provide the boosts to the player equipping them, so take this into consideration when playing with your team.

You’ll also find the Workshop Repair Kit + Bundle as mentioned in the previous paragraph, which will be a valuable purchase for your crew.

author: _This week we added some new workshop items to allow players to really focus their builds and provide some unique interactions. We are exploring ideas to add more Auras to the game which provide benefits to nearby players. With this patch we added two in the form of workshop modules that focus on cooperation.

We also added a new envirosuit which has a bit of a tradeoff, allowing more module slots at the cost of general inventory slots. You may see us from time to time add items in the game that provide both benefits and deficits, this allows players to specialize in playing the way they want while avoiding the powercreep that many live service games suffer from. – Jake Dodunski, Icarus Tech Lead_

New Mission – FORSAKEN: Recovery

This week’s new mission is the first where there is a hard fail state. If players fail to protect the ship, and it explodes, the mission will fail and players will need to leave the prospect and return to try again.

FORSAKEN: Recovery


// BIOME: Conifer

// BACKGROUND: The operator has lost a valuable asset on the surface and cannot abandon it for fear it may be discovered by other teams.

// MISSION: Locate and repair the damaged dropship and ensure its safe return to orbit.

//TERMS: Flat fee. All safety and survival concerns are the responsibility of the Contractor.

Detailed Change Log:

  • New Mission: FORSAKEN: Recovery
  • The operator has lost a valuable asset on the surface and cannot abandon it for fear it may be discovered by other teams. Locate and repair the damaged dropship and ensure its safe return to orbit.
  • Added ST-400 Armor set – Physical defense, with a boost to base melee and projectile damage. Also gives you bonuses for hunting stats, like stealth and faster movement when crouched/sneaking.
  • Added CX-700 Armor set – For miners/resource gatherers, provides bonuses that let you stay out in the field longer reducing wear-and-tear on pickaxes and axes, as well as increasing yields.
  • Added Inaris Lua Envirosuit – Less inventory slots, but with 3 module slots allows for the most customization of any of our existing Envirosuit options.
  • Added Larkwell Martinez Tactical Backpack – For when you’ve got a lot to carry, our biggest storage option available at the moment.
  • Added Larkwell Martinez Mercenary Backpack – For when you’ve got a lot to kill, Increased shotgun ammo capacity and reload speed.
  • Strength Boost Module – Improves the carrying capacity of nearby allies.
  • Healing Boost Module – Helps nearby allies recover faster from ailments.
  • Added the ability to repair workshop items (‘Workshop Repair Kit’ & ‘Workshop Repair Kit Bundle’). These can only be used within range of a Machining Bench or Fabricator.
  • Fixed some cases of the error 050 message prompt that displayed while trying to play with a character that has previously been left on prospect, then returned to the station using the debug “Remove From Prospect” button.
  • Added functionality of locally saved Fog of War to persist between prospects and characters for each terrain
  • Fixed an issue where stats were not being displayed correctly for Caveworm Knives, Spears, Arrows or Bows
  • Fixed an issue where some landscape textures were being displayed at the incorrect distance
  • Fixed an issue where some buffs were not working as intended if overlapping with another buff provider within a certain radius
  • Fixed an issue where Boar didn’t have health bars until too late with the health bar talent
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t see some health bars until they were too close to you
  • Fixed an issue where the Icebox and Refrigerator would not receive the extra storage space stat with Extra Space I or II Talents
  • Fixed stat description for Wound Resistance to differentiate between Basic Wound Resistance and Deep Wound
  • Fixed issue where backpacks and envirosuits could take damage
  • Fixed issue where weapons in your right hand would be displaced in your wrist when you are attacked
  • Fixed issue where weapons would disappear when you are attacked
  • Fixed typo in mission briefing under modifiers on Dry Run: Expedition
  • Fixed issue where placeholder text would appear above their head when the host used photo mode
  • Fixed issue where backpacks wouldn’t remove their stats when unequipped so extra slots don’t persist after taking backpack off
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