King Arthur Knight’s Tale Update 1.1.0 Patch Notes – May 18, 2022


King Arthur Knight’s Tale update 1.1.0 is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official King Arthur Knight’s Tale patch notes, the latest update 1.1.0 added quality of life improvements and gameplay optimizations.

Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s King Arthur Knight’s Tale patch 1.1.0 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


King Arthur Knight’s Tale 1.1.0 Patch Notes – May 18, 2022


  • Sorting
    • A sort button has been added to the inventory with which players can sort all their items based on rarity
  • Filtering
    • A filter button has been added to the inventory with which players can filter out all the class-only items


  • The Knight’s Tournament will be cancellable now in the Training Grounds but the cost won’t be provided back
  • Sir Tristan’s starting equipment has been improved a bit, his starting level is 4 and received the Jump Vanguard skill when we encounter him for the first time in the Whispering Cove mission
  • Sir Tegyr’s starting level has been increased to 7 from 6
  • Sir Dagonet’s Desecrated Round skill covers a 4×4 area now instead of 3×3
  • Sprint is tagged as a Movement skill now
  • Leap Attack, Earth Shaker, Poison Bomb and Rain of Arrows received an Area tag
  • Enemy units which occupy more than 1 grid cannot be put into a Bone Cage any longer
  • Lowered the requirement of the Parry Master Challenge from 5000 to 3000
  • Changed the It’s a Trap! achievement’s unlock criteria: Kill 5 enemies in their own round by traps in a single encounter
  • Changed the Fire Walk With Me achievement’s unlock criteria: every Arcanist spell will count from now on
  • Decreased the Vitality and the damage output of the villagers in The Return of Morgana le Fay mission
  • Various Endgame missions have been reviewed and improved
  • Reviewed and slightly rebalanced several thematic enchants (Blood Magic, Wild Magic etc.)
  • Rebalanced the AP/kill enchant which will grant AP once per turn from now on
    • Developer comment: The combination of stacking AP per kill from various sources and the ease at which certain heroes can close the gap with enemies, combined with other, stacking on kill effects made this enchant far too powerful. We hope this change reduces the possibility to abuse this mechanic, without taking away from other builds that use it.
  • Increased the cooldown of the Vanguard’s Jump skill a little bit. 3 turns needed for it to be used again but with its mastery this number can be lowered to 2
    • Developer comment: The Vanguard had the ability to deal massive damage, and do that without any repercussions. Jump combined with Hide was a complete safeguard for the class, no matter how aggressive or risky one played. With the changes, mistakes can be punished by the AI, and the Vanguard can’t close distance so easily – thus making it harder to clear the whole backline of enemy teams with only one Hero


  • Tweaked shadows to improve the general performance across all maps
  • The Mission briefing window received a tooltip to indicate where you can change your active party’s composition
  • Added a new font type for the Russian localization
  • Added a note about the limitation of the Hide skill to its description
  • Added a tooltip to the Sacrifice button in the Enchanted Tower which also indicates now that only Relic items can be sacrificed
  • The Knight’s Tournament received a more comprehensible description
  • Added an objective marker to the minimap which appears above the location of the final fight after one talked with the Hermit
  • If a Hero has been bestowed a title in any building, the title will be indicated in the Hero’s tooltip and on their Character sheet as well
  • Changed the name of Demonic Obsession tag to Demonic Possession
  • Added a scrollbar to the Reward window
  • New Status Effect icons have been added
  • New icons have been added to skills coming from items
  • The Vanguard’s Surprise bonus received an icon

Fixed bugs

Fixed map issues
  • A Hero’s movement animation could stuck in a loop in the Into the Deepwood mission. The problem has been fixed
  • From now on, to start Lady Boudicea’s and Sir Tewelyn’s second missions () one has to complete The Warrior Queen and The Return missions, respectively
  • The Banshee will no longer appear at the starting point in The Whispering Cove mission after running into it for the first time
  • Fixed an objective in the To Distant Shore mission which could not be completed under special circumstances
  • Fixed the Find and save the captives objective in the Hunt of the Damned mission
  • Fixed an encounter in the Into the Deepwood mission where the cutscene did not trigger if one killed all the enemy units in the first turn
  • Fixed an encounter in the Woodland Vermin where the “Fight as many bandits as you can” side objective could not be completed
  • Fixed an issue in the Fire with Fire mission where a Hero could stuck between two grids making the unit unable to move for the rest of the encounter
  • Fixed various encounters where either enemy units or allies could stuck outside the arena of the battle
  • Fixed various encounters where the enemy units became unresponsive due to various reasons
  • Fixed an issue in the Forbidden Keep mission where a Lost Crossbowman could become unresponsive after destroying the Bone Totem
  • Fixed an issue in The Hidden Stronghold mission where some of our Heroes could stuck behind a door after a cutscene
  • Fixed the third chest of the druids in The Blackthorn Council which did not appear
  • Fixed an issue in the Excalibur mission after killing the Pict Mage ‘Reoch’, the game could stuck
  • Fixed an issue in the Blackened Heart mission where one of our Heroes could stuck in an encounter and could not move
  • Fixed an issue in the Balor’s Champion mission where after completing the main objective and then interacting with the Christian grave the game could stuck
  • Fixed an issue in the Fire with Fire mission where Heroes could stuck into the corner of a building
  • Fixed an issue in the Balor’s Champion mission where units could keep spawning endlessly even if the portal has been destroyed
  • Fixed an issue in The Wild Hunt Returns mission where after clicking on a barrel, the leader of the party was separated from the rest of the Heroes and approached this object
  • Fixed an issue where after completing the last encounter in the Besieged by the Undead mission the objective marker was not removed from the minimap
Fixed Achievements
  • Fixed the tracking of the Penny Knight achievement
  • Fixed the tracking of the One Brick at a Time achievement. Moreover, it will count the mission reward too
  • Fixed the tracking of Wisdom is Better achievement. Moreover, it will count the mission rewards too
  • Fixed the One Step Ahead achievement
  • Fixed the Floor Sweep achievement and changed the unlocking criteria: Knockdown 3 enemies in one turn.
  • Fixed the Fortune Favor Fools achievement, and now every dodged attack will count too
  • Fixed the Just a Rotting Corpse achievement. Moreover, it will count the completed missions now, not Sir Tewelyn’s death
  • Fixed the Ready to Fight! achievement
Fixed skills/enchants/traits
  • Fixed Lady Guinevere’s Keen Mind and Reinforced Aura masteries of the Aura of Protection skill
  • Fixed Sir Pelleas’ Secure trait
  • Fixed Sir Bors’ Lazy trait
  • Fixed Lady Guinevere’s Tutor trait
  • Fixed Sir Mordred’s Physical Resistance mastery of the Unyielding Aura passive
  • Fixed the sound of Merlin’s Fog skill
  • Fixed Sir Galahad’s Miracle Healer trait
  • Fixed Sir Tristan’s Counter Attack passive skill
  • Fixed the Sentinel’s Hexmark and the Keen Eye abilities which did not reduce the cost of Overwatch
  • Arcanists’ AoE Skills (like Fire Blast, Fire Drake) are now properly tagged as Area Skills
  • Fixed an issue where Sir Lanval and the Black Knight could use their Power Attack skills while these were not unlocked by default
  • Fixed an issue where the encounter could stuck if an enemy unit was inflicted with Mind Fog and knockdown in succession
  • Bear Trap’s Precision mastery had a mismatched icon – now it has the correct one
  • Fixed an issue where Heroes could use Potions, special abilities or counter-attacks while frozen or stunned
  • Fixed the “-1 AP cost to Force Bolt” enchant which didn’t work on the Faerie Knight’s Force Bolt skill
  • Units with Spell Immunity tag will no longer be affected by the Death Hex spell
  • The “Teleport to nearest enemy within 8 tiles” ability will no longer work with the Ice Wall
  • Fixed the Poison Cone skill which calculated its own damage output as well for its requirement
  • Fixed the Ice Storm skill which moved towards our Heroes instead of enemy units
  • Fixed the Gas Trap skill which didn’t apply Poison onto those units which moved into the trap
  • Fixed Sir Tristan’s Double Strike skill which did not properly register the damage output of the second strike
  • Fixed the Poison Cut skill’s Gangrene mastery which didn’t decrease the enemy units’ damage output
  • Fixed an issue related to Hex resistances
Corrected texts/descriptions
  • Silence’s Tooltip will now display its proper effect
  • There was a missing note about the Fobringer’s AoE passive skill which was activated upon the unit’s death. This has been corrected
  • Master Bleeding’s description now properly matches its effect
  • Fixed various dialogue texts and voiceovers where they were not aligned
  • Earth Scorcher now properly includes in its description that Units starting their Turn in the area also suffer the Damage
  • Fixed various typos and strings
  • Fixed various crash issues
  • Fixed the Tome of Release which did not remove negative Hero traits with a permanent effect
  • Fixed an issue where the building resources could go into the negative and block the progress of the player
  • Fixed the Regain Vitality Hospice upgrade
  • Fixed an exploit where players could separate a Hero from the party and go through several encounters without triggering them
  • Fixed an issue where after taking action with a Hero the player’s turn ended even if other Heroes still had unused Action Points
  • Fixed an issue where the extra Loyalty points coming from the Guardian of the Lady Court title did not update the Loyalty values immediately on the GUI
  • Fixed an issue where an activated Overwatch could not reversed sometimes
  • Fixed an issue where if someone activated two essences in quick succession both essences were applied twice
  • Fixed various Heroes’ missing reactions
  • Fixed the End Turn hotkey as it could also work in the enemies’ turn
  • Fixed a movement animation issue of the Spirit of the Artificer NPC in a cutscene in the Artificer mission
  • Fixed all those Shrines which did not grant XP in missions despite their descriptions’ indication
  • Fixed a camera rotation problem which appeared for those who use dual monitors and their cursor left the monitor when rotating the camera
  • Several GUI-related fixes
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