Microsoft Windows Server will support ARM Server Chips

Microsoft Windows Server will work with chips based on ARM. According to reports, the company has developed a Windows Server version using ARM processors, working with Qualcomm and Cavium chips.

Microsoft is now testing ARM Server Chips for tasks like machine learning, search, storage, and big data. The company is planning to use the ARM chips as it develops a new cloud server design.

Jason Zander, vice president of Microsoft’s Azure cloud division said,

It’s not deployed into production yet, but that is the next logical step. This is a significant commitment on behalf of Microsoft. We wouldn’t even bring something to a conference if we didn’t think this was a committed project and something that’s part of our road map.

Windows Server with ARM-based processors will cut costs, boost flexibility and stay competitive with Amazon and Google. Microsoft’s Azure service is No. 2 in cloud infrastructure behind Amazon.

Recently, Microsoft also announced that it’s Windows 10 will run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.

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