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Town of Salem 2 Patch B.0.1.21 Notes (VB.0.1.21 ) – August 17, 2023

Town of Salem 2 update B.0.1.21 is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Town of Salem 2 patch notes, the latest update B.0.1.21 added quality of life improvements and gameplay optimizations.

Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Town of Salem 2 patch B.0.1.21 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Town of Salem 2 Patch B.0.1.21 Notes – August 17, 2023

New Feature – Leaver Buster

• Players who leave active games while alive will now have a progressively stacking timeout before they can join the next game.
• Playing games or allowing time to pass outside the game slowly decays the penalty times.

New Language Support
• We have added support for Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, German, French, Polish, Turkish, and Korean languages.
• You can change your language on the login page (bottom right drop-up selection).
• All of our translations are works in progress and would love feedback on them. If you wish to give feedback on the translation, or assist us in getting it perfect, contact a moderator on the Town of Salem 2 Discord.

New Experimental Feature – Reconnect System

• This is an experimental feature. There may be visual bugs relating to reconnect that should resolve as you change phases.
• If a player is disconnected during a game due to a blip in wireless connection, for instance, they will be able to try to reconnect.
• Players have around 30s to reconnect. If they reconnect within this window, and before the end of the next night, they will not die due to disconnect.


• Increased size of chat/chat log.
• Animations have been added to the new chat to match old chat.
• Removed Four Horsemen Game Mode
• Jailor will no longer lose jails when attempting to execute a town that is saved by an admirer
• Crusader, Potion Master and Admirer will now know when their target is attacked by a trap
• Monarch will no longer knight a Doomsayer or Pirate that has won and is about to leave the town.
• Plaguebearer is not considered an attacking role to trickster anymore
• Trapper will now dismantle and rebuild their trap on the same night
• Dead chat now has a black background to increase the contrast between the grey text and its background.
• You can now close the Chat Log during Who Died and How announcement.
• The Chat Filter is no longer blocked during Who Died and How announcements.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed a Werewolf bug in which selecting and deselecting a target would prevent rampaging at home and scent tracking that night.
• Fixed bug where an Amnesiac that was knighted and remembered a role would lose the extra vote on judgements
• Fixed outline/drop shadows on dynamic Chinese fonts.

Download Town of Salem 2 update B.0.1.21 on PC.

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