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How to turn off Google Assistant on Android Phones?

Google Assistant is a a virtual assistant that can engage in two-way conversations and helps you get everyday tasks done more easily. However, some users want to disable it for various reasons. Today, we have posted a guide on how to turn off Google Assistant completely.

Follow these simple steps to turn off Google Assistant completely:-

  1. Open Google and tap on the above right corner of your image or profile section.
  2. Open the settings option.
  3. Choose Google Assistant given on the 6th option.
  4. You can now turn off your Google Assistant directly on some android phones, which will pop up when you open the assistant option.
  5. You might not get this option directly, so you can go to
    Assistant Devices > Phone >  Turn off.

Unfortunetly, some android latest and new models might not give any option to turn off the google assistant as it is built-in the phone. Therefore you cannot turn off the google assistant on these selected phones.


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