New T-Mobile ONE Plus unlimited data plan

The company is also launching new T-Mobile ONE Plus plan. T-Mobile has announced that the speeds for mobile hotspot data on the T-Mobile ONE plan going to increase and introducing new 24-hour high-definition (HD) Day Passes.

  • Unlimited High-speed 4G LTE mobile hotspot data. Now, customers don’t have to count gigs when connecting another device to their phone or tablet on T-Mobile’s network. While T-Mobile ONE is designed primarily for use directly on smartphones and tablets, some customers use these devices as hotspots and now they can browse the web, snap, gram, post and stream a movie to a laptop or the big screen at high-speeds, without fear of exceeding a data bucket.
  • Unlimited HD Day Passes. Want to stream HD video? Toggle it on for 24 hours whenever you want. Every day, once a week or once a month – it’s up to you! All the HD video you want, whenever you want it, to binge watch your favorite series, have a movie night with the family or just watch unlimited pet videos from YouTube.
  • 2x faster speeds abroad. Already, T-Mobile ONE comes with Simple Global– which includes free data roaming in 140+ countries and destinations. Customers with the new T-Mobile One Plus will get the same awesome global connection at twice the speed, up to 3G speeds wherever available.

T-Mobile ONE Plus will be available for an additional $25 per line, per month, making T-Mobile the first and only provider to offer both unlimited high-speed mobile hotspots and an unlimited LTE tablet plan. T-Mobile ONE Plus will be available on September 1.