AMD may launch 48-Cores/96 Threads Processor in 2018

A new report suggests that AMD may launch 7nm 48-Cores Processor in 2018. The AMD internal roadmap leaked reveals current and upcoming processors line. AMD Zen 1 CPU line in 2017 and Zen 2 is expected to launch in 2018. Recent leaks also suggest that AMD rival Intel is also working on a high-end Core i9 Processors line.

According to the leaked slides, AMD is working on 48-core server processor with 96 threads based on Zen 2 Cores. That product has code-name Starship and would be based on 7nm Finfet. TDPs would run anywhere from 30W up to 185W.

Enterprise Proc AMD Snowy Owl AMD Naples AMD Starship
CPU Architecture Zen 1 Zen 1 Zen 2
Process Node 14nm FinFET 14nm FinFET 7nm FinFET
Maximum Cores 16 Cores 32 Cores 48 Cores
Maximum Threads 32 Threads 64 Threads 96 Threads
Availability Q2 2017 Q2 2017 2018

AMDs Naples Processors line with 32 Cores is coming for the enterprise market this year, which also includes three ARM CPUs code-named A1100 ARM using ARM Cortex-A57 cores.