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Anvil Saga Update Patch Notes – June 22, 2022


A new Anvil Saga update released on PC. According to the official Anvil Saga patch notes, the latest update addresses some bugs and crashes.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Anvil Saga patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


Anvil Saga Patch Notes – June 22, 2022

**New in this version:

  • Manual saves in the pause menu.
  • Saves when quitting to the main menu.


Fixed in this version:

  • Bug where the game would not save due to the blacksmiths wearing their equipment.
  • Workers stuck on the ladders when Antonio arrived.
  • Cupboard/bookcase room indicators resetting and displaying at incorrect places after reloading.
  • The empty hiring panel after reloading.
  • Orders uncompleted after reloading.
  • Orders endlessly competing after reloading.
  • The soldier, who pays money for good relations with England, stuck at the stall.
  • Customers not paying their debts and freezing after reloading.
  • Books losing the ‘read’ status after loading saves.
  • Uncompletable orders of the knights for sharpening with the book even if you have workers who have read the book.
  • The courier standing motionless after reloading.
  • Knights stuck in the doorway of the forge during the “Royal Hunt” modifier.
  • Employees stuck after quitting.
  • The toolbar breaking after loading saves.
  • Not counting arrowheads during the “Royal hunt” modifier.
  • “TODO” in the stones’ description for Olivia’s earrings at Antonio’s shop.
  • Arthur’s line instead of the headman’s line in the dialogue if the player agrees to pay for the witch ritual during the “Heavy rain” modifier.
  • Wrong text in the fair scene when hovering over the modifier.
  • The text on the ending screen after completing the available campaign.
  • The log breaking when clicking on the “Read Anvil Saga” button after reloading.
  • Knights’ dialogue lines going outside the speech bubble.
  • The picture before the fair disappearing at loading.
  • Not saving workers’ traits properly.
  • Small localization issues in choices.
  • Workers stuck at eating mushrooms/frightened animations.
  • Workers freezing while reading after sleeping.
Renu Dhaka