NVIDIA has unveiled GTX 1080 its latest high-end GPU. The GTX 1080 is based on Pascal architecture boasts more graphic power than a Titan X, while consuming a fraction of the power (180W TDP only).

Pascal is the most advanced architecture that NVIDIA has ever produced. The new card also includes brand new “G5X” memory, which is the better performer than GDDR5. The Nvidia GTX 1080 is described as more powerful than a pair of GTX 980 cards in SLI and around 25% up on last year’s GTX 980 Ti.

Stage demo shows Nvidia 1080 running at 2114MHz GPU clock, 5508MHz memory clock on air cooling at just 67 degrees celsius with the power consumption of 180W TDP.

There’s also a new SLI bridge to go with the Nvidia GTX 1080:

“NVIDIA’s new SLI HB bridge doubles the available transfer bandwidth compared to the NVIDIA Maxwell™ architecture. Delivering silky-smooth gameplay, it’s the best way to experience surround gaming—and it’s only compatible with the GeForce GTX 1080.”

Nvidia 1080 will be available for $599. NVIDIA Founders Edition available at $699. It’ll be available around the world starting on May 27.

GTX 1070 also launching on June 10. GTX 1070 is also more powerful than a Titan X. It has 6.5 TFLOPS and 8GB GDDR5 and it’ll come at price $379. You can get NVIDIA GTX 1070 Founders Edition at $449.