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Town of Salem 2 Update B.0.1.14 Patch Notes – July 21, 2023

Town of Salem 2 update B.0.1.14 is now available to download on PC, Ps4, PS5, and Xbox one. According to the official Town of Salem 2 patch notes, the latest update B.0.1.14 addresses some bugs and crashes.

Previously, a major update B.0.1.14 added new changes, fixes, and gameplay improvements.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the release. Today’s Town of Salem 2 version B.0.1.14 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Town of Salem 2 Patch B.0.1.14 Notes – July 21, 2023

Plaguebearer/Pestilence Rework

• Plaguebearer’s night priority increased above base priority. This allows PB to visit before most roles in the game and spread plague before other roles visit. This change should increase the rate of plague spreading as well as making it more consistent.
• Pestilence, Horsemen of the Apocalypse no longer has a direct attack, does not rampage, and does not attack players that visit them.
• When Pestilence emerges all plague on players will transform into pestilence.
• When a player visits someone they will spread a stack of pestilence.
• When a player visits Pestilence they will spread a stack of pestilence onto themselves.
• When Pestilence visits someone they will add the maximum stacks of pestilence to their target.
• At 3 stacks of pestilence a player will succumb to pestilence and die.
• Horsemen cannot have more than 1 stack of pestilence applied to them.

Other Role Improvements

• Arsonist will now douse the jailor that jails them.
• Werewolf scent tracking messages now indicate which player they are tracking.
• War is now roleblock immune.
• War will now attack a Jailor that jails them.

Role Card Ability Tracker Improvements

Ability trackers help roles keep track of certain actions happening a certain number of times:
• Serial Killer – Now has a tracker to keep track of their Bloodlust.
• Berserker – Now has a tracker for how many kills they have.
• Soul Collector – Now has a tracker for how many souls they have collected.
• Pirate – Now has a tracker for how many plunders they have.

General Improvements

• Horsemen now get new Rolecard Silhouettes when they transform.
• Improved the animation of the character during the Iron Maiden death animation.
• Added a sound effect to the Iron Maiden.
• Updated Seer Gaze ability description to say it cannot target revealed Town members.
• Berserker and War role cards updated to mention that War can target two players.
• Shroud rolecard and related mentions updated to more thoroughly explain how the shroud mechanic works.
• Updated the VIP keyword and game mode modifier descriptions to state that Amnesiac and Trickster cannot be the VIP.
• Updated the Potion Master reveal potion description of the Spy.
• Updated the feedback message the Admirer gets when it fails. It now mentions that it could have failed because you were already involved in a proposal. Previously this only mentioned that your target was already involved in a proposal.
• Account names and positions are no longer shown in mentions during the Pick Names phase. Only in-game player names and positions (after a player has picked their name) will now be shown and usable in mentions during Pick Names.
• Small tweak to Game Mode description panel size and layout.
• Updated Plaguebearer and Trapper achievements.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed an issue in personalization where if you previewed a death animation then changed your selected character and went back to preview the death animation, your old character selection would be present.
• Fixed an issue where Samuel the Old Priest would not play their hanging sound.
• Fixed an issue that caused a person who was voted innocent to incorrectly swing from the gallows at the start of the next trial.
• Fixed an issue that caused the various props Characters are holding to behave improperly when that Character is hanged.
• Added some missing click sounds to menu items on the Home screen.

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