Astroneer Patch 131 for Steam, Xbox One and Windows 10 now available

Astroneer Patch 131 is now available for Steam, Windows 10 PCs, and Xbox One.  Astroneer Patch 131 focuses on how players can interact with and manage save files. There are other bug fixes and significant performance improvements.

The Astroneer game is a space exploration and crafting game, which takes players into a universe of procedurally generated planets. Players can reshape terrain, mine for materials, hunt alien plants for research, and build base modules to expand their crafting and exploration capabilities.

New in Astroneer Patch 131 update


  • 8 new rock-based discoveries available for research.


  • Can delete saves.
  • Saves use fixed numbered slots.
  • Most recent save selected by default.
  • Disable starting a new game when saves full.


  • Astroneer Patch 131 reduced camera auto-adjustment so it interferes less when using a gamepad.
  • Updated attenuation settings on refinery audio. No longer playing as 2d.
  • Adjusted the Terrain cursor analog stick motion curve.


  • Astroneer Patch 131 improved physics update efficiency.
  • Plant Materials updated to be less GPU intensive.
  • Major optimization to base networks and tethers.
  • Significantly reduce network bandwidth usage.

Xbox One and Windows 10 users should expect a wait of 48 hours for Astroneer game Patch 131 to reach their console or Windows 10 install.