DICE is done with Battlefield 4

Released in 2013, Battlefield 4 received a free expansion in December, in the form of Legacy Operations, which introduced a classic Battlefield 2 map to the military shooter. Legacy Operations may be the last: a statement made by DICE LA producer David Sirland suggests the studio is done developing for the title.

Sirland said: “Today I can let you guys know that at this point we don’t have any plans to release new content for BF4 to the CTE.”

The CTE is the ‘Community Test Environment’, where DICE releases new content for testing before deploying it publicly. The end of new content for the CTE seems to suggest that no new content will be rolled out at all, even though there are no firm plans to shut the CTE down, Sirland later added.

DICE is currently developing Battlefield 5, which is rumoured to take place during World War One. The next instalment is expected to release in 2016.