Killing Floor 2 1.12 Update brings Halloween Horrors event – Patch Notes

Killing Floor 2 1.12 update for PS4 is now available for download. The new Killing Floor 2 Update 1.12 brings Halloween Horrors event as well as bug fixes and improvements to the game. The Halloween Horrors event includes new maps, new weapons and more.

In addition, the new update has fixed an issue where Blocks/Parries are not properly registering and reducing zed damage sometimes. Check out full changelog below.

Killing Floor 2 1.12 update PS4 sihmar

Killing Floor 2 1.12 Update Patch Notes


  • New Holdout style Map – Nightmare
  • 2 New Weapons
    • Seeker Six
    • Hemogoblin
  • New Zeds In Survival
    • Boss – King Fleshpound
    • Quarter Pounder
  • New Systems
    • Dosh Vault
      • Earn items for completing daily and weekly challenges, or just watch your Dosh grow
    • Daily Objectives
  • Time Limited Halloween Tickets and Items
  • Zedconomy
    • New Zedconomy Items
      • Commando Chicken Outfit
      • Emotes
      • And More!
    • Inventory Filtering


  • Will now try to evade M203 grenade launcher


  • Normal Difficulty
      • Damage reduced 55%
      • Solo play Damage reduced 40%


  • Normal Difficulty
    • Damage reduced 65%
    • Solo play Damage reduced 65%


  • Normal Difficulty
    • Damage reduced 33%
    • Solo play Damage reduced 40%


  • Normal Difficulty
    • Solo play Damage reduced 15%


  • Normal Difficulty
    • Solo play Damage reduced 38%


  • Normal Difficulty
    • Damage reduced 60%
    • Solo play Damage reduced 38%


  • Whirlwind attack is now interruptible
  • Normal Difficulty
    • Damage reduced 60%
    • Solo play Damage reduced 38%
  • Suicidal Difficulty
    • Blocking chance reduced 20%
  • Hell on Earth Difficulty
    • Blocking chance reduced 29%


  • Normal Difficulty
    • Damage reduced 50%
    • Solo play Damage reduced 50%


  • With Killing Floor 2 Update 1.12 Melee attack speed reduced 5%
  • Grenade barrage attack speed reduced 10%
  • Weapon spread increased 20%
  • With Killing Floor 2 1.12 update Weapon fire rate reduced 16%
  • Cool down on attacks increased 5 seconds
  • Suicidal Difficulty
    • Solo play damage reduced 30%
  • Hell on Earth Difficulty
    • Health reduced 15%
    • Damage reduced 5%
    • Solo play damage reduced 10%


  • Normal Difficulty
    • Early Wave Spawnrate increased 40%
    • Global Spawnrate increased 20%
    • Global movement speed reduced 6%
    • Solo play
      • Max zeds in world reduced 37%
    • 2 players
    • Max zeds in world reduced 56%
  • Hard Difficulty
    • Early Wave Spawnrate increased 25%
    • Global Spawnrate increased 20%
    • Global movement speed reduced 5%
    • Solo play
      • Max zeds in world reduced 31%
    • 2 players
      • Max zeds in world reduced 43%
  • Suicidal Difficulty
    • Early Wave Spawnrate increased 38%
    • Global Spawnrate increased 30%
    • Global movement speed reduced 5%
    • Solo play
      • Max zeds in world reduced 25%
    • 2 players
      • Max zeds in world reduced 43%
  • Hell on Earth Difficulty
    • Early Wave Spawnrate increased 29%
    • Global Spawnrate increased 32%
    • Global movement speed reduced 10%
    • Solo play
      • Max zeds in world reduced 25%
    • 2 players
      • Max zeds in world reduced 43%

Medic Perk

  • Medic Assault Rifle
    • Damage reduced 15%
    • Rate of fire increased 16%
    • Mag size increased 35%
    • Recoil reduced 30%

Global Bug Fixes 

  • Killing Floor 2 Update 1.12 has fixed Online Only – Husk Fireballs are Visually Blocked By Rag Dolls While Projectile Continues to Invisibly Hit Player
  • Fixed King Fleshpound Chest beam Appears to Render Underneath Water in from Player’s 1P Perspective
  • Fixed VS Fleshpound – Hitch in the Looping Backwards Raged Walking Animation (Normal & Summer Variants)
  • Fixed Siren scream disables Zed Time color desaturation
  • Fixed VS Slasher – Animation Hitch With Full Speed Backward Walk Cycle
  • Killing Floor 2 1.12 fixed King Fleshpound – Chest beam Attack SFX Persists After Death
  • Fixed Fleshpound : Not spawning enraged on Suicidal or Hell on Earth.
  • Fixed Fleshpound : enraged upon spawning will not remove rage state after hitting a player
  • Fixed Gorefiend’s Blades Detach if He is Shot/Damaged as he Starts His Spin Attack
  • Fixed King Fleshpound not sprinting on start.
  • Fixed Cyst Zed Getting Pathing Stuck on Black Forest Near Bridge
  • Fixed Crawlers do not Attempt to Evade M203 Grenades.
  • Fixed King fleshpound chest beam does not cause controller to vibrate on impact.


  • Killing Floor 2 Update 1.12 fixed Trader Pod – Setting a weapon as Favorite does not immediately add it to the Favorite tab on the right side.
  • Fixed Trader Speech Illogicalities/Inaccuracies
  • Fixed Survivalist Zed Time Reload is Referenced but Does Not Trigger
  • Fixed Gunslinger : Slow reload during Zedtime while ZED TIME – Fan Fare is equipped.
  • Fixed Blocking/Parrying : Blocks/Parries are not properly registering and reducing zed damage sometimes.
  • Fixed Large Performance Spike with Boom Mode When Multiple Explosions Occur in Close Proximity to Player Camera
  • Killing Floor 2 1.12 Fixed SWAT Battering Ram skill cannot knock / run through headless zeds
  • Fixed HE Grenade Doing Large Amounts of Damage w Backup and Hollow Point Skills
  • Fixed Berserker Smash applies 200% stumble to all weapons


  • Fixed Prison – wall stain not sorting with distance fog
  • Fixed Evacuation Point – Zeds falling out of ceiling window have chance to get stuck
  • Fixed The Descent – Strange shadow in one of the levels of descent.
  • Fixed Infernal Realm Steam Achievements Pluralized Incorrectly
  • Fixed Nuked – Flags that are framed on the wall do not fall when shot down.
  • Fixed Biotics Lab – Splatter maps Not Set Up for Aquarium Glass
  • Killing Floor 2 Update 1.12 has fixed Hostile Grounds – Popping Ambient Occlusion Shadows on a Tent
  • Fixed The Descent – Boss Room – Fog Plane Only Visible On Top Side Going Up Stairs
  • Fixed The Descent – Black Triangle Displayed on Lava Stream
  • Fixed Evacuation Point – Larger Zeds Difficulty Pathing After Dropping Down from the Skyway
  • Fixed Catacombs – Room Lighting In Top Level Turns Off At a Distance
  • Fixed Last Few Zeds Getting Stuck on The Descent Spiral Staircase Room
  • Fixed One Infernal Realms Eyeball Collectible is Explosive Proof
  • Killing Floor 2 version 1.12 has fixed Hans Doll Collectible is Unattainable on The Descent Using the Eviscerator’s Ranged Fire Mode
  • Fixed Prison – Awkward Zed Falling Behavior Coming Out of Broken Window
  • Fixed Catacombs – Players Can Hit a Snag on a Corner Preventing Smooth Movement Down Stairs
  • Fixed Tragic Kingdom:| Area where you can’t walk through bushes
  • Fixed Tragic Kingdom | Snag on base of roller coaster
  • Fixed Tragic Kingdom – Zeds needlessly jump while traversing stairs
  • Fixed VS Crawler – Can Get Inside the Pop The Clot and Feed Games When Activated
  • Fixed Steam Sideshow Hazmat Suit icon missing special star icon
  • Fixed Rebel Mask/Neck Warmer & All 3 Firefighter Helmets are Incompatible
  • Fixed Tragic Kingdom – Scaled up splatter map on tent ceiling
  • Fixed Tragic Kingdom – Volume blocks player movement
  • Fixed Tragic Kingdom – Pukey doll clipping through roof of tent; seen from interior
  • Fixed The Tragic Kingdom : Some of the Pukey Dolls are having their Burp sound effect occluded.
  • Fixed Tragic Kingdom Exploit Spot
  • Fixed Decent – zeds can get stuck in narrow spawn closet exit
  • Killing Floor 2 Update 1.12 fixed Community Maps : Modders are reporting players falling through their landscape maps.
  • Fixed Containment Station – ragdolls/death cams fall through world at some locations
  • Fixed Outpost : Zeds going up the stairs are not pathing properly
  • Fixed Z Fighting Occurring on Grandfather Clock in Farmhouse Map
  • Fixed Chimney on top of Farmhouse is Missing Collision Entirely
  • Fixed Evac Point – Flex meshes cast shadow from hidden mesh.
  • Fixed Console Only- Online Exploit Spot in Volter Manor Corner
  • Fixed Tragic Kingdom – Boomstick Jump Zed Navigation Exploit Spot on Pop the Clot Building
  • Fixed Piano Exploit Spot on Volter Manor
  • Fixed Exploit Spot on Catacombs Map Behind Generator
  • Fixed Volter Manor : Incorrect Portal Spawn animation for zeds coming out of vent over the Billiard Table.
  • Fixed The Descent – Zeds spawning in incorrect arena while playing
  • Fixed Black Forest – Floating drain mesh in crashed train
  • Killing Floor 2 1.12 Fixed Burning Paris – Gap in Collision of Street Near Cafe in Which Dosh and Weapons Can Fall Through
  • Fixed The Descent : All players are not teleporting to the next arena.
  • Fixed Tragic Kingdom – Flex fluids floating in certain areas of the map.
  • Fixed Outpost – Uneven collision in corner causes Zeds to jump awkwardly when they run into it.


  • Fixed Zedtime : Screen saturation stuck when a lag spike hits while zed time is ending.


  • Fixed Magnum – Leg Dismemberment Not Occurring
  • Fixed Knockdowns Causing Eviscerator Saw Blade Ammo Particles to Float Mid Air
  • Killing Floor 2 1.12 fixed Trench Gun 3P Animation – Firing Quickly After Empty Single Round Reload Leaves Shell Inside Ejector Port
  • Fixed Bone Crusher : 1P – Overhead heavy swing causes left arm to clip through the 1st Person Camera.
  • Fixed HZ12 – 1P Shell Ejects are Red While Guncheck Shows Blue Rounds
  • Fixed Spamming Alt-Fire Button During Double Barrel Shotgun Reload Triggers Single Fire After Reload Finishes
  • Fixed Centerfire – Tracer Fire FX only present in Zed Time within 1P
  • Fixed Left Shoulder Visible When Moving Left After Sprinting With Mark 7 Armor and Dual 1858 Revolvers
  • Killing Floor 2 Update 1.12 fixed Centerfire – Heavier Head Bob Effect When Sprinting than Other Comparable Weapons (Causes some Users Motion Sickness)
  • Fixed HZ12 – 1P Front Iron Sight Slightly Off Center from Rear Sight While Aiming
  • Fixed M4 | Vietnam | Battle-Scarred : This M4 variation is not able to be equipped.
  • Fixed P90 SMG – Muzzle Flash FX Does Not Emit Light on Environment or Gun Model
  • Fixed When Throwing Down One Skinned Dualie Weapon the Remaining Single Loses it’s Skin
  • Fixed Bone Crusher Taunt Sounds and Animations Not playing in Multiplayer
  • Fixed Eviscerator : Players unable to stop reload with block, parry, or chainsaw.
  • Fixed Dual spitfires alt aim not centered

Cosmetic Fixes:

  • Fixed DJ Scully being unable to wear headphones with ski mask
  • Fixed Hazmat Helmet(s) & Fleshpound Visor(s)Clipping
  • Fixed Reaper Hat Clips Badly With Ana Larive’s Character Model
  • Fixed Fleshpound Visors Cannot Be Worn With Several Though it Would Pose No Known Issues
  • Killing Floor 2 1.12 Update Fixed Reaper Dead Mask and Reaper Hat are Non-Compatible with One-Another
  • Fixed Reaper Jaw is Incompatible With Reaper Dead Eyes & Reaper Raven Eyes
  • Fixed When Equipping Mister Death Facepaint & Sideshow Clown Hat/Witch Doctor Hat Much of Anton Strasser’s Head Disappears
  • Fixed Rae Higgins : The Steampunk Gas Mask Filtered is not rendering for her.
  • Killing Floor 2 Update 1.12 has fixed Firefighter Helmet Mask Down Uses Two Lines of Text
  • Fixed Russian Gas Mask & Baseball Hat Clip Badly on DJ Scully
  • Fixed Inconsistent Item Thumbnail for Tiny Terror Weekly Hat on Steam Inventory Page
  • Fixed Strasser Unable to Equip King Fleshpound Visor (All Other Characters are Able)
  • Fixed Horzine Security, Cardboard Knight, Wasteland Outfit. and Hazmat Outfits Cannot Use Emotes on Online Servers
  • Fixed Typo with Sideshow Human “Canon” Helmet Accessory In Inventory Menu
  • Fixed Typo with Sideshow Clown Hat Inventory Description
  • Fixed Sideshow Clown Hat Clips Badly With Anton Strasser’s Head
  • Fixed Gear Menu : Infiltrator | Red and Infiltrator | Blue text are saying the incorrect colors for them in the Skins Selection Container.
  • Fixed Wearing the Tactical Headset MK1 with certain cosmetics causes clipping.

Misc Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fixed Passive Gun Check SFX plays During Emotes
  • Fixed Paid Cosmetic Items Listed in the Market Cosmetic Filter of Store Menu
  • Fixed localization for “Horzine Supply Crate Series #1” item description.
  • Fixed In-Game Store – Emotes filter does not display items
  • Fixed Summer Sideshow Premium Prize Ticket : Misspelled ‘required!’ on the preview store window.
  • Tabbing Over to Inventory After Login Quickly Does Not Clear Vault Tab UI from Background

XB1 Specific Fixes:

  • Fixed – Performance problems with Gunslinger revolvers
  • Fixed Mixer – Puke player button does not have vomit sound FX when pressed.
  • Killing Floor 2 1.12 Fixed Mixer – Pressing the heal player button does not play healing sound FX.
  • Fixed Mixer – Pressing the give grenade button in mixer does not play sound FX.
  • Fixed Mixer – Pressing the Give Dosh button does not play sound FX.
  • Fixed Mixer – Users can activate “Enrage Zeds” button on dead zeds.
  • Fixed Mixer – Exiting an online game then getting invited back into the same game while Mixer is still enabled causes the player to have to go back into options menu to re enable Mixer.
  • Fixed Mixer – Mixer spawned FP is not setup for some weekly outbreaks.
  • Fixed Mixer – Activating “Enrage Zeds” button does not cause the Zeds to emit Rally particle FX.
  • Fixed Squad Player Container displaying level of previously logged user.
  • Killing Floor 2 Update 1.12 fixed Not Being Granted DLC Bundles and Keys Into Inventory After Purchase

PS4 Specific Fixes:

  • Improved Party Invite UI reliability from Squad menu

Check your game update and download latest Killing Floor 2 1.12 Update for PS4 and Xbox One.