Nioh Defiant Honor DLC New Weapon, Trophies & More details

Nioh Defiant Honor DLC will be available soon on PS4. The second expansion for Nioh will come with new weapon Tonfa, new armor, new magic items, guardian spirits and new Yokai. Previously, the developers released the Dragon of the North for Nioh.

The expansion pack will also include new difficulty levels and Trophies. Legendary characters such as Sanada Yukimura who will later be revered as “the greatest warrior of all Japan” are included. Check out more details below.

Nioh Defiant Honor DLC features:

New Weapon Type “Cynci”

Added “Tsunkin” as a new weapon type. This weapon, also commonly known as a toffee, it is good at cutting off the energy of the opponent. It is a weapon that is easy to use even for receiving, but because the reach is short, you need to approach the opponent.


New item “fan of the Tengu”

The fan of the Tengu creates a tornado in the front and cuts the surroundings.


New item “Wind Towel”

Nioh Defiant Honor DLC also brings the power of the strong wind, Yin and Yoshi’s monstrosity “windstorm” (Fuusenfu). When used, it releases gusts like multiple arrows.


“Carbarling gun”

“Karbalin gun” that Tokugawa Miura procured from England. Munitions are launched towards the impregnable fortress “Sanada Maru.”


Nioh Defiant Honor DLC- Main mission set in Osaka winter team

Since we lost Shita Ishida, Shigeta Ishida and others in Sekigahara, Yodokei, the mother of Toyotomi Hidetoshi, was in charge of the Toyotomi family. Yodoke who conflicted with Ieyasu gathers the esteemed Daimyo and ronin who are pleased to the Toyotomi family, causing a war against the Toyotomi family. Among the ronin who gathered was also the appearance of Sanada Yukimura called “the best soldier in Japan” (the horseman’s one tsunami) in the later world.

William who wrote the riot of Date went to Sanada Maru feeling the disturbing air as he pursued the married woman “Malia” who plays a dramatic role.

And in 1614, Osaka Winter ‘s team broke out, and Date bombs against Sanada Maru. Meanwhile, Sanada Maru standing at a high place takes advantage of the geographical advantage and aims at Tokugawa forces from the wall.


Winter in Osaka where we can have a dark cloud. In Sanada Maru Yukimura, one of the 10 Isao Sanada, Sarutobi Sasuke, Maria, each speculation intersects ─ ─.


Challenge the submission that enemies lurk!

Osaka Castle is not the only place to fight. William will fight a fierce battle with youkai, everywhere around the submission stage.

Submission “Gekijaku”

Inari mountain full of famine. The fox that is supposed to be the god of God goes out of control and becomes “fox” and attacks William.


New characters gathering in Osaka

Nioh Defiant Honor DLC brings two new Yukimura Sanada and Sarutobi Sasuke characters.

Sanada Yukimura (Yukimasa Sakana)

Later samurai warlords who are later referred to as “the best soldiers in Japan”. In Osaka winter team, we build a fort called “Sanada Maru” and set up a flag of six sentences, we lead a soldier and play a fierce fight with the army of Tokugawa. The spirit of guardian is “Firework piece” (Enclosure) and “Snakefish butterfly” (Jennychan). “Flame piece” is a kind of spiritual beast “Kirin” that administers “Jin”, and dwells flames in its body. “Snake eye butterfly” inherits from Yoshinobu Otani, my father-in-law who lost to William in this volume.

Sarutobi Sasuke (Sasuobi Asuki)

After studying diverse martial arts and ninjutsu in various countries, it is a village of Togakushi which is close to Shinshu Ueda, met with Yukimura and becomes subordinate. Yukimura follows the shadow after entering Osaka and struggles with the gang of his gifts. In the head of Iga style, in the battle between masterpieces of Ninjutsu with Hattori Hanzo, we decided to scatter a violent spark over the dark world’s territory.


Put the new guardian spirit on William’s body!

A guardian spirit that exercises special effects by possessing William and activates as a “ninety-nine weapons” during a battle and can carry out a powerful attack. “Nurarihyon” and “Fireflies” are added this time, and will be William’s new force.

Guardian spirit “Nurarihyon”

A guardian spirit that looks like an old man with a big head. It is said that the octopus who lived a long time has changed in one opinion. It is said to distort the recognition of others and to have the power not to understand the truth. Therefore, it has been passed down from long ago as an existence which can not be caught as “Nurari”.

It was handed down as a spirit of guardian spirit to “a man who was well versed in knowledge” supporting the Date house. It has a lot of experience and enormous knowledge, and it gives it mainly as protection so that a plot to make Nurarihyon a guardian spirit is one without a gap.


Guardian spirit “Fireflies”

A powerful four leg like a horse and a guardian spirit with two horns. It is a kind of spiritual beast “Kirin” that administers “Jin” and has flames in his body. Kirin is said to be the head of a beast, he says that he does not like wasteful killing and is merciful enough to avoid stepping on insects and flowers. However, once a fellow confronts the crisis, it responds to it and exerts a mighty power. In addition, it is derived from this Kirin that calls young people with excellent talent “Kirin child”.


Block William’s move, a new enemy

A new enemy will appear in Nioh Defiant Honor DLC. Many enemies that can not be revealed by humans, as well as youkai, appeared and obstruct William’s way of running through the battlefield.

Needle bow

A youkai gathered worn out needles and broken cutters. It is thought that needles and knives are particularly easy to become a mysterious thing, and things that are thrown away to be usable yet, or that are handled inappropriately and damaged are said to be mysterious with hatred.

Ninja dog

Ninja trained by ninja and also armed. With a quick handling, it attacks William.

Tadashi Sanada

Sanji Tsuyoshi is the leader, and although the name does not appear on the table stage of history, Isao Sanada, who is said to have supported Yukimura greatly. They are challenging at the preparedness of the backwaters, and it is not a matter of human beings.

A number of new stages William see

A fierce battle with Tokugawa masters, which occurred while the Toyotomi family died. These “Osaka winter team”, “Inari shan”, “Sanada Maru” will appear as a new stage that William will face.


Stage ‘Osaka winter team’

Osaka Castle was on the ground of heavenly forest with sea and river to three sides, but on the south side, it was a plan that makes it easy to deploy large troops. Sanada Yukimura built a castle that had a huge sky hole on the outside of Osaka Castle ‘s total stance, Masamaru, and made it a defensive base in order to respond to the main force of Tokugawa who will invade from the south. In front of Osaka Castle that overcomes the weakness, Mr. Tokugawa is forced to stop.


Stage “Inari shan”

Nioh Defiant Honor DLC comes with Inari mountain which is a sanctuary that is said to have inherited Inari Shrine and is the headquarters of Inari Shrine that exists throughout Japan. Those who saw the fiery fire flying happily in the mountains rumored that the Falcons are open. Some go through wild numbers of Torii and advance on the approach path, and if you are drunk with that magical landscape, some people will lose their ego and keep wandering the mountain forever.


Stage “Sanada Maru”

Sanada is a castle that remodeled a temple that was in the hill to a barrack. Yukimura made use of the high ground of the high ground, raising the defense capability by building a huge sky hole while enlarging the underpass of the temple and reconstructing the communication network. This was called “loopholes of Sanada”, and the perseverance was used to destroy offensive hands, but it seems that Yukimura was planning to use it also for the escape of the Osaka Democrats.

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