Nearby feature and Ditto is now available for all Pokemon GO players. Previously the app would just tell you that a Pokemon was nearby somewhere but with the Nearby feature, it will tell you which Pokestop it is near. It’s now easier to find new Pokemon. Remember, you have to be near a Pokestop for this feature to work.

Ditto is also now available in the game. It will be hard to find Ditto, as it’s never in its original form and is always masquerading as another Pokemon. Ditto will reveal its true self only after you capture a Pokemon. It masquerading itself as one of the more commonly found Pokemon, or also the ones that you are most likely to ignore.

You can download latest update from link below.
[appbox appstore id1094591345][appbox googleplay com.nianticlabs.pokemongo&hl=en]


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