Super Mario Run 1.1.0 update brings Easy Mode And Golden Goomba Event

Super Mario Run 1.1.0 patch update is now available for iOS devices. The latest Super Mario Run 1.1.0 update (Size 176MB) adds an Easy Mode and a Golden Goomba event.

Super Mario Run Easy Mode removes the time limit and provides unlimited bubbles. On the other hand, the Golden Goomba event brings golden Goombas into Super Mario Run’s World Tour mode. They will appear in the game, defeat them and you will earn 30 bonus coins for every golden Goomba.

Additionally, you will collect stamps equal to the number of golden Goombas you defeat. If you complete the stamp card, you will earn a special building for the Kingdom Builder mode. Also, the golden Goombas won’t show up until after you complete the Kingdom Builder tutorial.

Super Mario Run 1.1.0 Patch Notes:

  • New events Compatibility added.
  • Korean Compatibility added.
  • You will lose fewer Toads when losing in Toad Rally, and it will be easier to gather Toads.
  • After receiving the My Nintendo reward Toad, he cannot be received again if save data is deleted. Workaround – there is no longer a limit on the number of times Toad can be downloaded.
  • Fixed other issues.

Super Mario Run Golden Goomba event runs from February 1 to 20. Super Mario Run is also launching on Android devices in March.

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