The Surge update 5 for PS4 and Xbox One released with fixes

The Surge update 5 for PS4 and Xbox One is now available for download. The latest update comes with gameplay tweaks and balances as well as bug fixes and game improvements. The developers have also added a few customization options as well, such as being able to control when music plays in the medbay. Check out more details below.

The Surge update 5 for PS4 and Xbox One changelog:


  • Added an option to configure when to play music in the medbay.
  • The number of save slots has been increased from 4 to 10.
  • Added a setting for muting the speech of the anchorman videos played in the game world.
  • Fixed a crash associated with pathfinding in the abandoned labs level.
  • Reset the player position after a finishing move if that move would make the player fall to his death.
  • Weapon materials will now drop correctly from NG+4 onwards.
  • Removed weapon duplicates from the inventory, award nano cores for duplicate boss weapons.
  • Elevators were sometimes not triggered correctly when entering them the instant they arrived.
  • Enemy super armor will now scale properly through NG+ and beyond
  • Properly mark all drone upgrades to be unequipped when entering NG+
  • When awarding an injectable because of gained tech scrap, award one for all injectable types currently equipped, not only the selected one
  • Make sure equipped injectable implants always respect the order in which they are equipped when cycling through them
  • Giving Jo tech scrap will now update the UI counter properly
  • Hazard armor sets now also negate damage from toxic gas
  • It’s not possible anymore to trigger a drone attack while the drone is on its way to overcharge a circuit
  • Toxic autofilter implant will now working properly if there is more than one in the inventory (NG+)
  • Androids that have been finished once will now properly damage the player after getting up again
  • Prevent P.A.X. from hitting itself with rockets colliding with the ceiling instantly when firing them
  • The Surge update 5 for PS4 and Xbox One fixed a problem that sometimes interactions could not be performed when starting NG+
  • The restart hint after changing the display refresh rate in the options menu will now correctly display.
  • Player can no longer get stuck on the train from Central Production to Abandoned Production
  • Player can no longer be killed by PAX falling on its knees
  • Player is no longer moved up the legs of PAX
  • Player can no longer be killed in PAX wake up cut scene
  • After lying to Alec about Maddy’s death the audio note at Alecs’ body will now correctly play
  • Base of the Big Sister 1/3 is no longer lockable after it has been destroyed
  • Enemies in the arena of the Black Cerberus will no longer react to noise that the player makes
  • Camera in the fight versus Rogue Process will now always set correctly
  • Various fixes in Central Production B to prevent enemies from climbing on top of rails
  • Weapon trails are immediately visible after the player enters Central Production B
  • Sometimes when starting NG+ and opening the inventory, the player was still displayed wearing gear from the previous playthrough
  • Weapon buffs given by injectables were sometimes not displayed correctly in the Specs screen after switching gear
  • The camera configuration was not reset properly in all cases when leaving the photo mode
  • The Surge update 5 for PS4 and Xbox One increased the light intensity for the black cerberus and scarab chest armor
  • Super armor values for heavy duty weapon sets have been tweaked
  • SMAA has been tweaked to remove more jagged edges
  • Don’t play the ‘block breached’ animation after performing a perfect block that drains all the player’s stamina
  • Derive the hit blocked animation play speed from the set duration instead of deriving the duration from the animation
  • Nerfed some melee attacks of the fire and ranged hazard enemies
  • Reduced the stamina cost of the staff dash attack
  • Tweaked super armor of charged attacks
  • The Surge update 5 for PS4 and Xbox One increased super armor of staff kick, decreased damage
  • The confirmation dialog for overwriting save games has been replaced by an information dialog. You need to manually delete savegames now before reusing a savegame slot.
  • Reduced the invincibility duration for android enemies when they get up after being defeated once

Check your game update and download latest Surge update 5 for PS4 and Xbox One.