According to the rumors, Microsoft may introduce a slimmer Xbox One at E3 this year. Xbox One slim version will be 40 percent smaller than the current console, and will likely to boost 4K gaming and VR with upgraded GPU. Upgraded console may also include a larger 2TB hard drive and VR support for Oculus Rift.

We will also see a larger software update to the Xbox One next year. Cheaper, slimmer, and smaller Xbox Console may arrive in 2017. Sony also planning to unveil a slimmer PlayStation 4.  Slim PS4 will include upgraded GPU with 4K gaming and VR support.

Microsoft Xbox TV a streaming device may also come at E3. Xbox TV will be a Chromecast like device that will work for Xbox digital content. Xbox TV device would allow you to stream Xbox One console games to a second TV elsewhere in a house. New stream device could also be able to access universal apps and games from the Windows Store.

We will get more news from Microsoft E3 press conference on June 13th.