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Atomic Heart Version Patch Notes – June 11, 2024

A new Atomic Heart update released on PC. According to the official Atomic Heart patch notes, the latest update addresses some bugs and crashes.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Atomic Heart patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Atomic Heart Patch Notes – June 11, 2024

Added the following accessibility features:

  • Colorblind mode
    (deuteranopia, protanopia, tritanopia)
  • Special contrast mode
  • Black and white mode
  • Highlight of various elements and objects
  • Disable camera shake
  • Auto QTE
  • Puzzles auto-solve
  • Auto-heal

*Added a list of achievements for Trapped in Limbo DLC 2: **

  • Apple Pie 3826
    Collect 3,826 apples in the Trapped in Limbo DLC.
  • Conservationist
    Get a gold coin without shooting the Pchela.
  • The Casino Isn’t Always in the Black
    Get ALL items from the slot machine.
  • Slashing Through the Limbo Waves
    Complete the Plateau of Responsibility without dying.
  • Conqueror of Annapurna
    Complete the Tower of Memory without dying.
  • Conqueror of Chomolungma
    Complete the Cliff of Perseverance without dying.
  • Daring as a Bullet is Sharp
    Complete the Avenue of Speed without dying.
  • Don’t Mess With the Major
    Complete the Trapped in Limbo DLC without dying.
  • Gold Rush
    Collect 76 gold coins.
  • Overkill
    Secret achievement: description hidden.

*After installing the update, some achievements may be unlocked automatically during the first launch if their conditions have already been met.


Added Ray Tracing (beta) support in 3 modes: **

  • Performance
  • Quality
  • Balanced

**Requires a graphics card supporting DXR with at least 12 GB of memory for proper operation.
When these modes are activated, the enabled Fidelity FX Super Resolution setting is automatically disabled.
When this mode is enabled, the player’s character is not reflected in mirror surfaces.

Sound and localization

  • Fixed issues with missing sound/music in various places in Annihilation Instinct DLC 1.
  • Fixed various text display issues in the main game, as well as in Annihilation Instinct DLC 1 and Trapped in Limbo DLC 2.

Gameplay and stability

  • Fixed a rare bug that caused the game to freeze during the separation of the BEA-D swarm in Annihilation Instinct DLC 1.
  • Fixed a bug where loading an autosave that occurs after moving from a location with a recombination schematic to an elevator causes a crash outside the game world in Annihilation Instinct DLC 1.
  • Added highlighting for disappearing platforms in the arena with RAF-9 Engineer (Rafik) in Trapped in Limbo DLC 2.
  • Changed the number of apples that are awarded to the player for participating in the gun range in Trapped in Limbo DLC 2.
  • Fixed various graphical bugs, rare errors and crashes, and improved the overall stability of the game.


  • Fixed crashes that occurred when disabling the Fidelity FX Super Resolution setting.
  • Removed the ability to assign multiple actions to one key at once.

Download Atomic Heart update on PC.

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