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Blockbuster Inc. Update 1.7.14 Patch Notes – June 11, 2024

A new Blockbuster Inc. update 1.7.14 patch notes are released for players. Since the last major update, players have been experiencing multiple issues and bugs Hopefully, today’s Blockbuster Inc. update 1.7.14 will address some of these issues and bugs.

Read what is new and fixed in today’s Blockbuster Inc. patch. Read the official patch notes below.

Blockbuster Inc. Patch 1.7.14 Notes – June 11, 2024

  • multiple new actor animations & costumes in Direct Scene menus
  • added option to disable pausing the game when the window loses focus
  • added Shift + Right Mouse Button drag as an alternative way to rotate the view
  • added “open saves folder” button in save menu
  • disabled “employee liked/disliked the food” notifications
  • fix bug where the bus would be stuck at the studio gate if the game was saved & loaded right after the bus dropped off the passengers
  • fix a crash that happened at random times during high memory usage
  • fix sounds of award ceremony not respecting the master volume setting

Download Blockbuster Inc. update 1.7.14 on PC.

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