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Dungeon Defenders Version 9.2.3 Patch Notes – August 22, 2023

A new Dungeon Defenders update patch notes are released for players. Since the last major update, players have been experiencing multiple issues and bugs Hopefully, today’s Dungeon Defenders update 9.2.3 will address some of these issues and bugs.

Read what is new and fixed in today’s Dungeon Defenders patch. Read the official patch notes below.

Dungeon Defenders Patch 9.2.3 Notes – August 22, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed new Emerald City not unlocking its trophy on map completion
  • Fixed archers going up with the platform in between phases on Tavern Incursion
  • Fixed typo in unicorn description
  • Added censor to supreme unicorns
  • Made Hardcore mode CDT setting use different variables for open and ranked mode
  • Fixed typo on achievement for striking tree
  • Fixed Upgrade Aura using the wrong name on the Adept
  • Made Elf Crown float closer to the character’s heads
  • Fixed Jester Wheel ability not playing full body animation
  • Fixed Ranger Eagle Shot not scaling off weapon damage
  • Fixed Nature Griffon projectile to actually be a Crystalline Dragon copy
  • Fixed Mini Spider Queen melee attack not scaling with hero damage
  • Optimization pass on the buff system and hermit buffs, in particular


  • Nerfed moon staff damage by 15%
  • Reduced Flying Mech boss’ HP by 15% on Tavern Incursion
  • Made 1,3,4,5 and 6 player counts on Tavern Incursion do 20% more damage to Old One’s crystals
  • Made 2-player count on Tavern Incursion do 18% more damage to Old One’s crystals
  • Reverted the tavern keep imposter change where he doesn’t hawk but is invulnerable to Strength Drain auras
  • Nerfed Nightmare Health Scaling on E.V. boss on Lab Assault by 15% to account for the moon staff nerf
  • Added an extra wave on the challenge for Lifestream Hollow
  • Changed Forest Golem mana cost to 300 from 150
  • Buffed Targeting Desirability on spiky blockage
  • Nerfed Targeting Desirability on Forest Golem by 50%
  • Nerfed forest golem healing interval from 3 seconds to 5
  • Forest Ogre now does 17% less slam damage
  • Changed rotation offset from 15 to 5 degrees on Ranger’s Eagle Shot
  • Increased projectile base damage by 30% on Ranger’s Eagle Shot
  • Made Omenak Forge Robot deal more damage
  • Increased Mr. Owl’s size by 10%
  • Increased weapon damage of the Cog Maul to 7%
  • Increased weapon damage of Roger’s Revenge to 18%
  • Increased weapon damage of the Sword of Ember and Undertow by 5%
  • Increased weapon damage of the Tinkerer’s Perfection by 15%
  • Increased melee weapon damage of Ember Crescent by 20%
  • Added 10% movement speed to Ember Crescent
  • Added 30% movement speed to the Animorphic Ember pet
  • Buffed insane duplicates of cd weapons (hero stats only), so they’re on par with the cd ones
  • Changed spread on candy cane spear
  • Increased Polly Damage, so a 350 upgrade one equals a 300 upgrades eye
  • Changed Super Legendary Apprentice skin speed from 445 to 490
  • Changed Legendary Apprentice skin speed from 465 to 510
  • Made Adept have a bit more Hero Health
  • Buffs now respect enemy elements (prevents any unnecessary buff applications for performance boosts)

Quality of Life

  • Added the option to show quality names on gear description under mythical quality under UDKCDTSettings
  • Added the option to hide quality names on gear description on all qualities UDKCDTSettings
  • Added magus citadel achievement
  • Added untradeable rewards to achieving Eternal Defender (Farmable versions, one per account of the events: NPC, Final Patch, and Celebracers)
  • Made 1-4 press the respective buttons on the forge UI from top to bottom

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