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Gloria Victis Update Patch Notes – Oct. 27, 2022

Gloria Victis update is now rolling out on PC (Steam), PS4, PS5, and Xbox one. According to the official Gloria Victis patch notes, the latest update added quality of life improvements and gameplay optimizations.

Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Gloria Victis patch will fix a few of these issues.

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Gloria Victis Patch Notes – October 27, 2022

Halloween event

Login to Gloria Victis MMORPG between 27.10.2022 and 10.11.2022 to take part in the Halloween event, learn the story of the jittery Confectioner, and put your hands on unique, limited rewards!


Along with the special ingame event, we are introducing some changes to the game world:

  • Capital cities are receiving spooky decorations, to ensure a proper mood. We are so glad that we have made nights darker and more immersive!
  • Catapults and trebuchets will temporarily launch special pumpkin projectiles, so you can rain some spookiness on the heads of your enemies!
  • We’re adding a few new Coat of Arms symbols, purchasable for sweets, and added to the Supporter Shop list.
  • In Supporter Shop, you can find a special Nadir-themed shield skin, a lot of spooky cosmetics for various weapons, tools, and workstations, and also new spawnable interactives – a Halloween flying lantern and a swarm of bats.
  • Skeleton Horse is once again available to be found and tamed.

New PVP event: “Ruined Temple”

Today you are getting access to a new event called “Ruined Temple.” This activity is a new raid created for hardcore PVP players. It offers high risk but yields high rewards in a competitive environment where all nations can battle each other in teams of five. You can get a lot of sweets at this event, so fight bravely!

The event can be started by delivering the meteoric iron to an NPC in the capital. Once the items are delivered, a pop-up shows on the UI for the players to join. The event has a 2hr cooldown between raid ends.

The idea of the event is to compete in groups of five in a closed arena in three rounds of combat. Players who joined the event are spawned in hubs created for their nation, from where they can teleport to cages located in the event arena. While hubs are connected to the nations, the cages are randomized each time and a nation can spawn in a different, separated cage.

There, in cages, all nations spawn behind a destructible portcullis which can be opened from the inside by a lever that appears after a 30-second time passes. Once opened, players can get out to the middle arena.

Main event stage progress:

– In the middle of the arena there is a statue and a lever. Using the lever blocks the ability to teleport from the hub spawn to the arena.
– In the arena, players have five minutes to trigger the statue. When the interaction with the statue is finished, a boss is spawned.
– There is a 7-minute time to kill the boss.
– If players fail to finish one of the stages in time, the raid ends and teleports players back to the capital.
– Killing a boss grants a reward based on the round of the event and disables the option to teleport from the hub to the arena.
– After the boss is killed, players have two minutes to use the doors located at the arena to go back to the hub.
– After two minutes, the arena kills everyone who stays there.
– From the hub, players can once again teleport to the arena for the next stage when the cooldown is over.
– There are three rounds. After round 3 is locked (when the boss of round 3 is killed or the lever of round 3 is pressed), we do not let nations join the event.
– The event allows looting other players.

Cosmetic skins

We are introducing new cosmetic skins for a lance, one-handed, and two-handed sword.“Royal Horseman” cosmetics are available for you in the in-game Supporter Shop – hotkey [K].

Improvements and fixes

– Removed the possibility to consume some of the crafting materials, for example, Wax or Beast blood.
– Fixed the position and placement of scaffoldings colliders on wells, guardhouses, and workshops.
– Fixed an issue where playing Dice could catch the mouse pointer and softlock the game.
– Fixed an edge case issue that could block showing Respawn Window if the player opened the Map while dying.
– Fixed 58 level design, terrain, and texture bugs.

Special News: Release of Nadir: The Grimdark Deckbuilder!

As you may know, we are providing publisher support for a group of young, talented developers working on a unique card roguelike game called “Nadir”. Clearly, it is a totally different game than Gloria Victis or Siege Survival, and it doesn’t share the Gloria Victis IP, yet those guys are strongly connected to our team and are working next to us in our office.

Renu Dhaka