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Gloria Victis Version Patch Notes – November 24, 2022

A new Gloria Victis update patch notes are released for players. Since the last major update, players have been experiencing multiple issues and bugs Hopefully, today’s Gloria Victis update will address some of these issues and bugs.

Read what is new and fixed in today’s Gloria Victis patch. Read the official patch notes below.

Gloria Victis Patch Notes – November 24, 2022

Combat Changes

We set ourselves several goals we want to achieve: Balancing the two-handed weapons against each other, rebalancing heavy armor as it is rarely found in the meta-level gameplay as a full set, and improving shield gameplay, focusing on its most visible flaws.

Heavy Armor

Let’s start with one of the most significant changes in the latest update – the changes in heavy armor. For some time, we could observe that tank builds, using only heavy armor, were steadily falling out of the current meta. This was mostly caused due to high stamina drain and its fragility against blunt damage. These factors made it more beneficial to create builds that mix heavy and medium armor parts for smaller stamina drain and higher resistance to blunt damage, with the only tradeoff being sacrificing a small amount of slashing and piercing reductions.

In order to bring back full heavy builds to life, we decided to increase blunt damage reductions for heavy armor, while slightly decreasing the piercing reductions. This change should enable heavy armor users to become more resistant to all types of damage, making it the armor of choice for tank builds. We have unified the stamina mod for the chest and legs to avoid any situation where wearing a heavy chestplate will be unprofitable.

What’s more, the upkeep cost of a full heavy armor has been significantly higher than the cost for any other type of armor. Not only fighting on the frontline means that more repairs are needed, but also, up to this point the only viable heavy armor in terms of its protection to stamina drain and damage decrease ratio was the heavy armor of the highest tier. In order to change that, we have decided to increase the reductions of heavy armor of all tiers, making even lower-tier heavy items more efficient on the battlefield.

Two-handed axes

With the introduction of the recent changes, 2-handed axes have become a weapon of choice for many, as they provide many benefits like overhead damage and reach, with very few cons. We decided to reduce the slashing damage from side attacks slightly in order to balance out axes in comparison to other weapon types.

Two-handed swords

We have observed that the craftable 2 handed swords fall short of their special equivalents like the crusher, or ancient longsword. We have introduced changes in attack release speed and attribute damage modifiers for the craftable 2-handed swords in order to make them a viable option in combat and to create a hybrid subclass based on strength and dexterity – fully focused on swords.

Changes in archery

We have also taken a closer look at archery in our game. In connection with the heavy armor changes, we have decided to decrease the damage dealt by headshots, while increasing the damage dealt with hits to the body. This change will result in the max damage that can be done with a bow hit being reduced while narrowing the gap between headshots and body shots will result in dealing more consistent amounts of damage.

Passive shield block with a shield equipped in hand

Another important thing that changed with the recent update is the ability to block incoming arrows with a shield in hand! From now on, not only a shield equipped on the back but also a shield in hand will block the incoming arrows. This change makes it possible for shield players to block arrows with a shield even while charging an attack, simply by aligning the shield with the direction which the arrows are shot from. We cannot wait to see how this change will be used by our players in battle!

Changes to the shield bash mechanics

Have you ever tried to start an attack, but ended up performing a shield bash instead? We have heard the feedback of our community and decided to change the way to perform a shield bash. From now on, a shield bash will be only performed when a player holds a block with a shield and then presses the button bound to kicking (default Q). Holding these two buttons will result in the character holding a charged shield bash while unpressing the kick button will launch the shield bash. This change should improve the experience of fighting with a 1 handed weapon and a shield, and prevent unwanted shield bashes from happening.

It is worth noting that we have made those changes not only because of the above, but also to unify one-handed and two-handed weapons controllers, which have had various differences before which allowed us to unify attacks and feints speed. Timers for shield bash and “back to armed” state return have been tweaked, so it will be easier to land a fully loaded attack onto the enemy after a successful shield bash. Overhead and right-to-left attacks have been sped up.

It is quite important that you can now kick the enemy during your attack release, but you cannot do that when you are in the shield block state. All those changes will make kicks more interesting and give you the ability to master your timings and outplay your enemy.

Of course, chambering with shields and staggering after hitting a shield block is still present in the game.

Reworked Supporter Shop

We have finished work on the first version of the reworked Supporter Shop interface. Our game is being produced based only on the game sales and Supporter Shop revenue, so we are very thankful for your support and we hope you will like the improvements prepared for you. We introduced this change on Tuesday, to have an extra day to fix any possible issues, so thank you for helping us test it. In the game, you have received a notification, that due to the full rework of the skins system backend, we have to unequip all activated skins on your characters. You need to open the Supporter Shop hotkey [K] to apply your skins again! Here is the list of the improvements we made:

– Fully reworked and improved interface.
– Removed the skin’s window where you needed to activate the skin. From now on, you can check, buy and apply skins using only the Supporter Shop window.
– Added categories to make searching skins and items much more convenient.
– Grouped base items in categories to allow much easier switching between owned skins.
– Grouped usable items like cards to make searching for what we are interested in easier.
– Cosmetic skin sets banners are changed to vertical ones, showing the equipped armor.
– The Preview section of the Supporter Shop became a sort of cart. You can dress up your character in the preview and after that move to the list of picked items to buy all of them with one click.
– Skins that are not purchasable are present in the Supporter Shop to allow their activation.
– After buying something as an item, the “Bought” tab is automatically opened.
– From now on, each week you can collect a free gift in the Supporter Shop – it resets every Saturday.

We would like to warmly invite you to support our project and to check the offer of our ingame Shop and its new layout, and at the same time, we are happy to announce a series of discounts which will change every day throughout the whole next week! Happy shopping!

Quality of Life:

– Replaced Valley of Death tournament affix vote button to the new one.
– Optimization of the map legend markers. It should greatly reduce any lag possibilities when opening the map window.
– Added a possibility to remove owned cosmetic skins from the Supporter Shop cart.


– Fixed an issue in sheep shearing minigames where button interaction could not work properly.
– Fixed the issue with the improper tag in the “No rest for the Wicked” quest where the player was asked to kill boars instead of wolves.
– Multiple small fixes and improvements for the new Supporter Shop, addressing its performance and fixing visual issues.
– Fixed the issue causing decorations, interactable objects, and throwables cosmetic skins to not work properly.

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