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Hearts of Iron IV Version 1.12.3 Patch Notes – October 6, 2022

A new Hearts of Iron IV update 1.12.3 patch notes are released for players. Read what is new and fixed in today’s Hearts of Iron IV patch. Read the official patch notes below.

Hearts of Iron IV Patch 1.12.3 Notes – Oct 6, 2022

  • Some minor balance fixes for outdated focuses
  • Minor balance of subpar focuses
  • Minor balance changes. Railway focuses that only give railways should not also give another bonus as compensation
  • Increased Air Wing damage bonus from speed advantage
  • Decreased org loss from air borne air drops from 90% org loss to 60% org loss
  • More peace conference AI improvements. Ai should now be less willing to perform different actions on the same bucket of states
  • Main IC cost for planes moved from airframes to engines
  • Updated hitprofile calulation to include speed base modiers
  • Shortened a few Ethiopian Industrial focuses to 35 days, and changed the requirements for the Develop Shewa focus.
  • Updated hitprofile calulation to include speed base modier
  • Reduced cannon 2 air attack, increased weight of naval attack modules, reduced air defence stat modules
  • Limited small airframes to 1 anti shipping missile
  • Naval targeting from weapons is now an average stat, range from drop tanks and armour is now multiplicative
  • Decreased 4x lmg module weight
  • Increased the penalty limit for having the Swiss Militias Deployed
  • Small adjustments to Swiss National Spirits ‘Aktion Nationaler Widerstand’ and ‘Reduced Training Age’.
  • Modified cost of retaking Vichy territory for France
  • Adjusted focus unlock times for Fascist Path.
Stability & Performance
  • Fixed CTD when showing resources with invalid ownership.
  • Further Peace Conference AI balance changes, unaligned nations will now mostly embrace Empire, and take land for themselves. England now has a slight preference for coastal regions. AI is slightly less keen on multi-puppeting in multi-faction scenarios
  • Added VRAM usage to the ingame profiler UI
  • Fixed failure to create DX11 device on Windows 7 without KB 2670838. For the love of god please run windows update.
  • Reduced VRAM usage by making sure the game will only load the fonts required to display the chosen game language.
  • Germany no longer feels the need to ships armies to east africa in full view of ENG
  • Adding on_peaceconference_started action


  • Added fallback state targets for a number of Italian focuses building factories in case they are already using all building slots.
  • Fixed some cases in which Italian focuses would build factories in states without checking for Italian control over them.
  • Cze AI can now go alt history
  • Luis Maria Martinzez is now avaiable again
  • Communist USA can no longer annex the entirety of the Soviet union and be at peace by not joining the call to arms
  • Moved port close to Hamburg closer to inland so that you can see which province its in
  • Added images for Ethiopian medals
  • Added bypasses to several German focuses if Germany is already in a faction and is not the faction leader; they shouldn’t be able to invite other countries into the Faction
  • Fixed issue with Italian Occupation of Ethiopia decision category preventing decisions related to electrify states from showing up if Ethiopia had capitulated before going into exile.
  • Fix for Republican Spain on historic focuses post civil war has no cores
  • Fix low probability CTD when a hull, chassis or airframe research completes and multiple equipment variants are auto-upgraded to it.
  • Fixed bug where decision to form the Holy Roman Empire wasn’t granting Ticino.
  • You can now pick Unite our nations and Finno-estionian supremacy league again
  • Italy can now negotiate colonial claims with Ethiopia’s host nation
  • Fixed bug where Vojvodina annexed Hungary
  • Achievement Not Today now shows a previously invisible trigger.
  • Fixed issue in You Shall Not Pass Achievement making it available regardless of Switzerland winning a defensive war or an offensive one.
  • Cohesion settings should no longer cause some units to refuse to move to the frontline, however units may relocate somewhat further if they drop behind a swift advance. Incidentally fixed idle unit recognition for army group orders.
  • The treaty of Brussels now has a description again
  • Call of Hungary for support as Sweden is no longer listed under the “Support China” category
  • Charles Lindbergh should have his portrait back
  • If either France or Luxemburg doesn’t exist, the corresponding event won’t be sent
  • Prevent CTD when spawning civil war for country with no valid home area
  • Fix for Snek on a plane achivement (I am so tired of these sneks)
  • Fixed missing cost for BB armour 3
  • Fixed an instance where the influence future canton decision disappeared forever
  • Fixed issue where Plutarco Calles would not get Country Leader role in Mexico’s focus “Party of the Revolution”.
  • Concessions to Communists, Monarchists and Democrats now have the correct cost.
  • Added extra checks for influence cantons along with remove effects
  • The AI can no longer cheat and use spirit of the army/air/navy without No step back
  • Resolved issue where it would appear as if the idea Swiss Neutrality was removed twice in the Swiss focuses ‘Take a Stance’ and ‘Join France’.
  • The Chu X-Po now gives reserach bonus regardless of if you have BBA or not
  • Fixed Strait of Hormuz
  • Some focuses are now blocked if Militias have been turned into Regular Infantry.
  • If the pope – or anyone else BUT the King Vittorio III – is country leader, don’t make Prince Umberto the new country leader. Also add King Vittorio back as an idea if the Balance of Power is in his favour
  • Fixed CTD during air update in a region where a state lacks a controller.
  • Italian Naval Cooperation Program decisions can no longer be taken more than once for the same target country.
  • Clear the skies should now not give pre-bba fighters
  • The Queen of battle spirit now correctly gives a 50% chance of gaining an infantry officer trait
  • Fixed Human Torpedo not deducting the CP cost as promised.
  • Fixed decisions to Offer Dodecanese Islands for Alliance so that they cannot be taken if Turkey or Greece are already in faction with Italy or are subjects.
  • One can not suppress the mafia for free.
  • Fix crash when a country hosting a government in exile loses a war and does not have access to exiled division template anymore
  • Completing “Unite the Afar” focus when province is controlled by occupying force should no longer cause issues with control.
  • Fixed Italian National Spirit Gruppi di Difesa della Donna being removed for no reason if the Spanish civil war was over.
  • Fix for CZE not taking their fascist/communist advisors in alt history
  • Italian focuses War with France and War with the UK will now properly work with latest strategic region changes.
  • Prevent supply hub motorization range bonus from going negative when many countries have full motorization set on the same hub.
  • Fixed Italian Communist leader taking over the country when player chose democratic option in the Italian Civil War after completing focus Defy the Duce.
  • Italian king Vittorio Emanuele can no longer be crowned king of Albania if he has abdicated or if he is dead.
  • Added the new Australian states back to the Oceania AI area
  • Italy can send demands to several countries to demand the Dalmatian coast line
  • Pacify Ethiopia mission now succeeds if Ethiopian states are controlled by Italian subjects.
  • Fixed issue where all text in the description for the Swiss Mission ‘Building Up Military Readiness’ was yellow.
  • Fixed issue in Swiss Mission ‘No confederation councilor’ where it wouldn’t disappear after centralizing the country.
  • Fixes issue where country could still threaten Switzerland even after not being a relevant country for Absolute Neutrality.
  • Fix issue where air-wing equipment tags would not be written to the savegame.
Renu Dhaka