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Hearts of Iron IV Version 1.12.4 Patch Notes – October 18, 2022

Hearts of Iron IV update 1.12.4 is now available to download on PC, Ps4, PS5, and Xbox one. According to the official Hearts of Iron IV patch notes, the latest update 1.12.4 addresses some bugs and crashes.

Previously, a major update 1.12.4 added new changes, fixes, and gameplay improvements.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the release. Today’s Hearts of Iron IV version 1.12.4 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Hearts of Iron IV 1.12.4 Patch Notes – October 18, 2022

Peace conference:

  • reduced lend lease warscore gains and losses from fuel to 0.01 warscore per fuel to 0.001 warscore per 100 fuel
  • reduced lend lease warscore gains and losses from equipment IC from 0.1 warscore per IC to 0.001
  • reduced war score per sunk convoy from 10 to 0.05
  • reduced war score offset from convoy production from 5 to 0.04
  • reduced war score per ship IC sunk from 0.04 to 0.002
  • reduced war score per sailor lost when a ship sinks from 0.02 to 0.001
  • increased IC value of sunk ships when determining warscore from 0.002 to 0.004
  • increased base province value from 0.3 to 2.0
    Air Warfare:
  • Fixed primary role of guided missile for large airframes (now sets naval patrol bomber)
  • Fixed aircraft naval strike mission module limits (light = 1 slot, medium = 2 slots, large = 3 slots)
  • 1938 and later air module tech costs are higher
  • Air engine 4 is now 1944 tech
  • post 1936 Air weapon tech dates increased
  • All aircraft electronics module unlocks are one tech later
  • reduced USA combined bomber offensive range increase
  • reduced strategic bombing stat for large bomb bays
  • With BBA uk air focuses give less research bonuses but give doctrine discounts
  • increased small/medium bomb bay weight
  • reduced lmg turret weight
  • Fix incorrect mutliengine thrust for level 2 engines. increased torpedo weight. added speed malus to floats/flying boats
  • rebalanced lmg and hmg for planes
  • Fixed primary role of guided missile for large airframes (now sets naval patrol bomber)
  • Updated air supply to use a better calculation for per aircraft supply amount.
    Balance of Power:
  • Removing all the BoP requirements for the alt fascist branches; no other branch has such requirements, and it is very punishing if the player loses a core state to reach to necessary BoP levels to proceed down the alt fascist branch
  • Refresh airwing stats when setting a scrambling mission (this should fix the 1 damage ‘carrier bug’)


  • Reduced the demand of AI nations to build tactical and strategic bombers


  • Hooked up the already existing historical and generic plane variant names to the corresponding BBA plane types, leaving only plane types without a non-BBA equivalent without proper variant names (we’ll get there soon).

    Stability & Performance

  • Prevent potential CTD when reading a savegame with a faulty persistent AI strategy.
  • Fixed CTD when disbanding units while paradropping


  • Don’t autopause when a hidden event pops up (Aces)
  • Added requirements to several focuses and fixed the completion rewards for some of them.
  • Loosen the Laws on Secularism can no longer target the same state more than once.
  • Romania and Hungary should no longer loose their conquered territory if puppeted after Germany completes Integrate War Economics
  • Allies should be less likely to kick out Russia from the Triple entente due to generated world tension
  • Chances of having a brainless Italian AI with no real plan have been reduced to 0.
  • Fixed CTD when using console command “research all” and then interacting with the Kamikaze module Fixed Explosive Charge as any country other than Japan.
  • Finland’s leader’s name will now display properly in the Estonian event ‘(Finland’s leader) Steps Down’
  • Fixed missing cost for Swiss political party concessions decisions.
  • Italy is now sending the right events to the UK if the UK is hosting the Ethiopian government in exile and Italy has war with them. Also added conditions to 2 Italian focuses
  • Event option to complete Italian focus Abyssinian Fiasco should no longer show up if By Blood Alone dlc is not active.
  • Yugoslavia can now submit to Italy’s ultimatum and become a puppet
  • Improved available and bypass triggers for Italian focuses War with Greece and War With France.
  • in peace conference, take navy peace action is now correctly unavailable if the victor does not own any naval base prior to the peace conference
  • Italian decisions Vallo Alpino del Littorio will no longer be visible if the targeted provinces already have max fort level.
  • Releasing Ostland while at war with SOV should no longer return the Baltic states to SOV
  • Fixed reduced production when converting old equipment in production lines.
  • When a player unlocks a mod achievement without having the cloud storage activated, catch the exception that was causing the game to shut down
  • Characters with Unit Leader roles can now become President in the appropriate focuses
  • Rolf Henne in Switzerland now gets the correct trait when promoted
  • Fixed bug that caused an ungodly amount of divisions to escape when a country goes into exile
  • Added missing Vorarlberg claim if AUS rejects the ancshluss.
  • You can no longer use the exploit of leaving a minor DEI island free while you gobble up the rest of the resource giving island as Germany and expect Japan to just be fine with it
  • Fixed instances where Vorarlberg is not included when granting cores.
  • Franco should now get his old portrait after 1950 again
  • Fixed portrait for Jonas Cenerius for Lit
  • Fixed some countries (e.g. Italy) not being able to lend-lease convoys.
  • Philippe Pétain has returned to lead Vichy France for Non-Lar users
  • The Balance of Power will now shift towards the country leader, and away from the Grand Council, when reclaiming lost, none core territory.
  • Japan will now bypass Tripartite Pact focus if Germanya dn Italy is at war with each other
  • Clear active GiE division deployments for losers in a peace conference
  • Fix crash when opening the Details tab of diplomacy view when DLC La Resistance is not activated
  • Battleship generated by Ethiopia’s ‘Request Soviet Battleship Hulls’ focus now has a name.
  • Anarchist Spain’s event to annex Portugal after their civil war will now trigger correctly.
  • Young man Franco will now become old man Franco after 1950
  • Fixed autonomy impact score not getting updated correctly, when closing and opening Start Lend Lease window.
  • Frankfurter event no longer triggers unless GER is fascist
  • Austria should no longer give up land to Switzerland if at war with Switzerland
  • Fixed an instance where the Alpine protectorate would get hardlocked if you did the Alpine conferedation first
  • Alpine Redoubt now correctly gives forts in Alpine states
  • Don’t display plane airframe names when BBA is not active.
  • Avoid war score numbers to overflow and become negative when they get too big
  • Fix opinion modifiers with a fixed time or with a decay. When the end date is reached they are now removed
  • Airwings will now deal damage in air battles that involve very large numbers of planes.
  • Variant comparison in the designer view will now take mission adjusters into account.
Renu Dhaka