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Legion TD 2 Update Patch Notes – Aug. 4, 2022

Legion TD 2 update is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Legion TD 2 patch notes, the latest update added quality of life improvements and gameplay optimizations.

Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Legion TD 2 patch will fix a few of these issues.

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Legion TD 2 Patch Notes -August 4, 2022


  • Bottom Bar: Added reddit link & Announcements button (to reopen latest news about the game)
  • Dual Building: In the 4v4 map, you can now ping the dual build area to display a “wants to dual build” message. If your ally pings a thumbs-up or pings the dual build area as well within 3 seconds, you will both receive a confirmation message and the dual building warning tooltip will be disabled. This is a small QoL feature intended to make dual build communication just a bit easier.
  • Attack Target Selection: You can now quickly select a unit’s attack target by right-clicking the unit’s icon. [Example]


  • Fixed a rare bug where restarting a campaign mission just before you lost would cause the game to become unstable
  • Fixed a rare bug where a player’s client would become unresponsive when a backend service provider had a specific outage

Game Balance



  • Giant Slayer: 17% → 20%
  • AOE spell damage increased by 10-15%
  • Chain Frost and Lightning Hammer: Projectile speed increased to be less vulnerable to mass Froggos, etc.
  • Base attack damage decreased by 35%
  • Upgrade Attack: 11% → 15%
  • Upgrade Spell: 8% → 7%

Pushing last patch’s changes further. The king is now more vulnerable to small leaks and relatively less vulnerable to large leaks.

Legion Spells

Glacial Touch 

  • Damage: 65 → 50

Still overperforming with the highest pick rate and a solid win rate.



  • Health: 600 → 570
  • Damage: 44 → 46
  • Early Harvest: Mythium gained: 7 → 6

Pushing last patch’s changes further. Rewarding players who keep Chloropixie alive longer, rather than just using her as a sacrificial lamb. This also nerfs Chloropixie spam in Classic.

Banana Bunk / Banana Haven 

  • Attack speed: 1.25 → 1.2

High win rate and pick rate.


  • Attack speed: 1.05 → 1.03

High win rate.

Buzz / Consort 

  • Attack speed: 1.01 → 0.99

High win rate.

Harpy / Sky Queen 

  • Attack speed: 2.04 → 2.15

Low pick rate.

Desert Pilgrim 

  • Mana regeneration increased by 8%

Slightly low pick rate and win rate.

Head Chef 

  • Health: 3620 → 3670
  • Damage: 124 → 126

Low win rate.

Ocean Templar  

  • Damage: 180 → 160
  • Resonance: Regeneration: 2% → 2.5%

Shifting power into the main identity of this unit: regeneration.


  • Health: 1640 → 1600

High win rate.

Elite Archer 

  • Attack speed: 1.05 → 1.03

High win rate.


  • Health: 1100 → 1140

Low pick rate.

Soul Gate / Hell Gate 

  • Healing and regeneration are now 50% effective on the buildings themselves (still 100% effective on the summons)

Healing effects on Soul Gate and Hell Gate are fun but too strong, especially when playing with one holder who overbuilds. Healers such as Desert Pilgrim are also now less likely to target Soul Gate & Hell Gate.



  • Damage: 102 → 105


  • Attack speed: 0.97 → 1

These mid cost income mercenaries are overshadowed by power mercenaries and cheap income mercenaries in ranked.


  • Mana regeneration decreased by 8%

Too much of a must-send on waves 18-21.

Renu Dhaka