ARK Update 267 for PC released with the Otter companion- Patch Notes

ARK update 267 for PC is now available for download. The ARK Survival Evolved update 267 for PC brings the Tek Shield and Tek Sword, as well as the Otter companion on the PC version. The Otter companion can ride around on your shoulders and can help retrieve silica pearls for you.

The sword is capable of a dash-charge attack and has armor piercing capability, while the shield can reflect incoming projectiles and bullets, and can completely stop splash damage.

Update: ARK update 267.21 is now available for download.

ARK update 267.21 Patch Notes

  • Gamma change enabled on Official PvP.
  • New Gamma keybinds in the Options.
  • Other Fixes.

ARK update 267 for PC Patch Notes

  • New Creature: The Otter.ARK update 267 for PC Sihmar
  • Endboss and Ascension.
  • Tek Sword and Tek Shield added.ARK update for xbox one the Tek Shield and Tek Sword sihmar
  • Ice Wyvern remodel.
Some Bionic Dino Skin codes (North America):





The developers also released Ragnarok map update for Xbox One and PS4. Check your game update and download latest ARK update 267 for PC.