Fallout 4 update 1.3
Fallout 4 update 1.3 out for PC and Steam users. This update brings  several new features and fixes to the the key bugs and glitches in the open world RPG game. New features include a new ambient occlusion setting, weapon debris effects, a status menu for settlers,  and the ability to rotate an object you are holding with the left and right triggers.  Lastly, thanks to the update, pressing down on the left thumb stick will also now let you switch the rotating axis.
 The update for PC users includes several gameplay fixes, some of which are listed below:
– Improved performance when looking through a scope
– Fixed issue where player could warp to a different location when aiming
– Companions can no longer get stuck with radiation poisoning
– Fixed an issue where Vault 81 residents would not dismember correctly
– Big Leagues perk now displays calculated damage correctly
– Fixed issue with third person camera not displaying properly after exiting certain crafting stations
– Fixed an issue where subtitles would occasionally not update properly
– Effects will properly be removed on companions when items are unequipped
– MacReady’s Killshot perk now calculates headshot percentages properly
– Fixed an issue with NPCs getting stuck in Power Armor
– Fixed a rare issue with companions getting stuck in down state
– Second rank of Aquaboy now calculates properly
– Fixed an issue with resistance not always lowering the damage correctly when added by mods
– Enabled number of characters available when renaming an item (XB1)
– Fixed issue with player becoming dismembered while still alive
– Robotics expert is now usable in combat
– Stimpaks can now be used on Curie after the transformation
– Playing a holotape found in wilderness while switching point of view no longer causes the screen to blur or controls to be locked.
Version 1.3 also brings several changes to Quest and Workshop modes, and a whole host of other changes. If you’re a Fallout 4 PC user, then go ahead and get updated. If you’re an Xbox One Fallout 4 user, then hang tight because your update is coming soon.