Epic Games launched new Fortnite servers in Brazil and Asia

Epic Games has launched new Fortnite servers in Brazil and Asia. The new servers will bring better player experience in these regions. In addition, both Brazil and Asia servers will support PS4 and PC at launch. Players will automatically connect to the regions with the lowest ping.

The official announcement, In our effort to provide a better player experience new servers have just launched for Brazil and Asia. We are excited to take one more step forward in strengthening our global community and providing a better experience for all players around the globe, one region at a time!

Fortnite 1.23 and Fortnite version 1.23 PS4 image

According to the developers, the duos playlist will be disabled at first but will be available later.

Recently, a new update for Fortnite was also released with bug fixes and improvements. You can find more details here.