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Vampire Survivors Update 0.7.3 Patch Notes – June 23, 2022


Vampire Survivors update 0.7.3 is now available to download on PC. According to the official Vampire Survivors patch notes, the latest update 0.7.3 addresses some bugs and crashes.

Previously, a major update 0.7.3 added new changes, fixes, and gameplay improvements.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the release. Today’s Vampire Survivors version 0.7.3 will fix a few of these issues.

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Vampire Survivors 0.7.3 Patch Notes – June 23, 2022

New Content

Contains 6 new achievements and:

  • 1 new character
  • 1 new weapon
  • 2 new Arcanas

Extra (not present on the roadmap):

  • 1 Minor relic to change character appearance (where applicable) and maximum active weapons per run (fill 100 slots in the COLLECTION page to unlock)
  • 1 Minor relic to show discovered unions and evolutions during a run (found in Inlaid Library)


  • Improved stats of Vento Sacro’s early levels
  • Added extra area coverage to Fuwalafuwaloo
  • Moved Magic Banger relic to Green Acres
  • Hurry mode also gives a 25% XP bonus
  • Added support for German and Brazilian-Portuguese


  • Tentative fix for standard saves not working on Steam Deck for some users

24 of 24 Characters done!

And so we’re done, we have finally finished implementing all playable characters for Vampire Survivors….
who am I kidding, there’s no way I’m not adding a few more before version 1.0 😂
Please keep an eye on the devlog in Discord or on the socials for some surprises!


Positive reviews on Steam! 😱
This is incredible, thank you very much to all of you for making this little game such a big success! It’s thanks to you that know we can also talk properly about…



When I wrote the name “poncle” for the first time, some 10 years ago, I went for a lowercase “p” because I had this pretentious thought of “this would serve as a reminder to stay small and humble no matter what”. And oh my, with things being so crazy with VS that actually turned out to be a very good reminder to have!

We had a team for some time now, but I’m taking the opportunity to talk about it only now that one more developer, David, is finally joining me in working full time on the current version of the game. This doesn’t mean we’re going to reach version 1.0 of the game faster than expected, but it means we’ll be putting in the game even more features and be faster in polishing rough edges. One of the new relics from this patch, the Grim Grimoire, is a good example of what kind of extras to expect!

If you’ve been following this kind of longer update posts, then you probably already know that since January we had freelancers working on porting VS to an industry-standard game engine. Some of those freelancers, Adam, Matt, and Sam (striclty in alphabetical order), are now part of poncle and are working full time on the engine port!
Initially we thought about re-making the game using features from the new engine, but the resulting game, even if better optimised, didn’t really feel “Vampire Survivors” enough. For starters, the physics were too accurate and realistic, enemies weren’t even able to push one another inside walls, or the fonts were just too crisp and easy to read. That was not acceptable.
So we’re now busy rewriting the entire physics system so that it feels arcade-y rather than realistic and tweaking a lot of aspects of the main gameplay loop so that in the end, ideally we’ll have a version of Vampire Survivors that plays just like the current one, but that is free of hardware and controller compatibility issues and that performs well even when there is an unreasonable amount of projectiles and enemies on screen.

We’re still planning to release the new version this summer, but in reality “it will be ready when it’s ready”, we won’t be rushing for an arbitrary release date and will take all the time it requires to be done right.


If you hang out in the VS Discord or follow the VS social media accounts, then you most likely already know the work of Beth (Slothie), our community manager, who’s also working on a few surprises beyond the usual teasers and polls!

Renu Dhaka