The ARK update 262.16 will soon roll out to PC users. The new ARK Survival Evolved update 262.16 includes fixes and improvements to the game. This update has reduced the chance of Wild Eels and Wild Eels aggro range by 33%. The update has also fixed PvE (Players Vs Environment) ORP (Offline Raid Protection) performance stall.

Recently, developers released big ARK update 262 for PC users. Check out full changelog below which also includes changes from update 262.12.

ARK Update 262.16 Patch Note

  • Chance of Wild Eels reduced by 33%.
  • Wild Eels aggro range reduced by 33%.
  • Wild & Tamed Eels shock no longer causes stun lock or dismount, and instead applies a temporary movement and damage debuff
  • Yuty courage buff now provides +20% damage resistance.
  • Fixed PvE (Players Vs Environment) ORP (Offline Raid Protection) performance stall.

ARK Update 262.12

  • Fixed an issue where clients would crash when joining The Center or Ragnarok maps.
  • Fixed some server crashes.

ARK Survival Evolved players on PS4 are still waiting for the latest update. According to the developers, they will finalize the Xbox build, then port it to PlayStation 4. For players on PC, ARK update 262.16 will be available for download soon.