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FOREWARNED Update 65.5 Patch Notes – May 31, 2023

A new FOREWARNED update 65.5 patch notes are released for players. Since the last major update, players have been experiencing multiple issues and bugs Hopefully, today’s FOREWARNED update 65.5 will address some of these issues and bugs.

Read what is new and fixed in today’s FOREWARNED patch. Read the official patch notes below.

FOREWARNED 65.5 Patch Notes – May 31, 2023

• Treasure and lore pages that have yet to be collected by everyone in the group are now further prioritized when spawning
• Public lobbies will now always appear first in the lobby list

• Fixed issues related to artifact/treasure spawning, including duplicate artifacts and more than 2 appearing during one expedition
• Fixed an issue in which gold found within hidden TNT areas skewed the required gold collection objective
• Fixed an issue with missing radar floors in certain TNT areas

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